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Take Good Care of Your Feet

Credit: Harvard Health – Harvard University

These feet were made for walkin’.

Our feet have literally taken thousands, if not tens of thousands, of steps. They are there to haul us to our destinations each day. They allow us to operate vehicles, peddle our bicycles, do yoga, tae kwon do, and other activities that otherwise would be hard to do without them. Obviously, our feet are important. However, we cram our feet into pointy heels, pound them on the pavement, drop heavy furniture on them, and most likely don’t tend to them until the very last minute.

A survey was taken back in 2014 that showed 8 out of 10 Americans have some sort of foot problem(s). From ingrown toenails to chronic pain, foot problems or injuries can have a pretty big impact on your overall quality of life, and of course, health. One reason for this is if you have some sort of pain in your foot, or even just an itch, the probability you’d skip out on that day’s exercise is higher.

Our feet allow us to be ambulatory, and if we are unable to
move because of a foot injury or other problem, it opens the possibility for us
to suffer other physical, psychological, and even social afflictions. So here
are some tips to keep your feet healthy:

  • Don’t wear shoes that are too tight
  • Don’t share shoes with others
  • Keep a personal pedicure kit and don’t share
  • Let your toenails breath
  • Try yoga poses good for feet and leg health
  • Foot massages

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