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The Autumn Tastes of Shedding Pounds

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Credit: Japanese Cooking 101
Changing season, fresh superfoods.

As the seasons transition, the availability of specific foods changes. The fruits that thrived in the warm months of spring and summer will become scarcer, prompting a shift towards other options for maintaining a healthy diet. Despite the cooler temperatures in autumn, it still offers a variety of delicious and nourishing foods that can aid in weight loss as you anticipate the return of sunnier days.

Primarily, autumn brings the spotlight on sweet potatoes. These tubers are favored during colder months due to their resilience to temperature fluctuations. Shielded underground, they remain unaffected by external conditions. Besides being a delectable roasted snack, sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C, serving as a suitable substitute for the citrus fruits of summer.

With the arrival of the spooky season, pumpkins will be abundant in markets (ensure they are edible and not solely for decor). While some may enjoy eating sliced pumpkin as is, which might seem a tad eerie, whether consumed whole or pureed, pumpkin offers a rich source of vitamins A, K, and C, along with beneficial fiber. Pumpkin seeds are equally nutritious, providing magnesium, protein, and the mood-enhancing L-tryptophan. Roast them with olive oil for a nutritious treat.

Credit: Healthline

If fresh produce doesn’t pique your interest, autumn also offers a plethora of wholesome spices and seasonings, with cinnamon and turmeric standing out. Research indicates that a dash of cinnamon aids in managing blood sugar levels, consequently helping control cravings. However, avoid consuming it directly by the spoonful. Turmeric boosts circulation and reduces inflammation with its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies suggest that increased turmeric intake correlates with lower body weight, though further research is needed.

While fall and winter are commonly associated with hibernation, it doesn’t imply you must remain inactive and gain weight. Remember, the muted hues of your food do not diminish their nutritional value.

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