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The Benefits of Exercising Alone

Credit: Unsplash
Enjoying a bit of seclusion can be refreshing.

I’ve never viewed working out as a social event. I might be in the minority here, considering the existence of public gyms and my mom’s reluctance to walk alone. However, even if you appreciate the social aspect of exercising, it’s worth giving solo workouts at home a try once in a while (especially for the obvious convenience of it). Apart from not needing a gym membership to exercise at home, there are certain advantages to a solitary workout that can’t be replicated in a public environment.

One significant benefit is the ability to truly exert yourself without an audience. While some thrive on attention, I personally prefer the freedom to move wildly and grunt without attracting any judgmental glances. Another perk of working out in the privacy of your home is the absence of unwanted onlookers or overly opinionated individuals. I can’t decide what’s worse: a stranger offering unsolicited advice or someone constantly staring at me from the corner of their eye. No thanks.

Credit: Unsplash

Additionally, it’s liberating to set your own pace without any excuse to slack off. Saying “I can’t make it to the gym” doesn’t hold up when your gym is only ten feet away. You’re not under pressure to impress others with high-intensity routines; you can start small, keep it simple, progress at your own speed, and rearrange your workout without anyone waiting for equipment.

While exercising with companions in a social environment is still enjoyable, don’t shy away from solitary workout sessions to reconnect with your fitness inspiration. You may uncover new facets of your physical capabilities.

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