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The Benefits of Utilizing a Treadmill for Shedding Pounds

Checking in on everyone? As for me, my answer would be… Every day feels like an uphill battle with the rising temperatures. This summer seems to be making my workout routines a real challenge. The hardest part is tearing myself away from the comfort of an air-conditioned room to step outside for a morning stroll or a treadmill session in the sweltering evenings. During the pandemic, I made the decision to invest in a quality treadmill and while I initially used it, nowadays it’s mainly to reach my goal of 10,000 daily steps. A treadmill is an excellent asset for your home or gym workouts, providing flexibility in your exercise routine. Today, I’d like to share some effective strategies to employ the treadmill for weight loss.

Tips for Effective Weight Loss on the Treadmill

Engaging in a treadmill workout indoors is convenient but it can become monotonous as we follow the same routine day in and day out. To break this monotony, consider exploring various workout programs available to you.

  • Due to knee issues, I stick to walking, but if running is an option for you, adjusting your pace in line with your weight loss objectives can be incredibly beneficial. Utilizing HIIT while running on a treadmill can be highly effective for weight loss.
  • If you find treadmill workouts dull, try incorporating your favorite TV series from an OTT platform to keep you entertained while walking or running. Personally, I enjoy walking on the treadmill while listening to my preferred Trance music via different music applications.
  • Concerns about potential knee injuries from treadmill running are common. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to follow these key precautions to prevent knee strain.
  1. Pre-workout stretches – Begin with some gentle muscle stretches or a brisk walk before starting your treadmill session. This will prepare your muscles and reduce the risk of workout-related injuries.
  2. Gradual start and finish – Initiate your workout at a low speed as starting off at high speeds could lead to knee injuries. Similarly, easing into your workout and gradually reducing speed at the end is crucial. Incorporating a cool-down period after treadmill runs is vital.
  3. Focus on posture – Maintaining correct posture during treadmill workouts is paramount. Standing upright with a straight spine is the correct form. If you prefer watching TV during your cardio sessions, ensure the screen is positioned at eye level to maintain proper posture. Exercising with improper posture can do more harm than good. Learn more about posture here.

Let’s move on to the next piece of advice…

  • Begin with shorter sessions, gradually increasing the duration over time. It’s generally safe to run on a treadmill for 30-45 minutes once you’ve built up your stamina. While pushing past your comfort zone is crucial for weight loss, consulting a fitness instructor before exceeding 45 minutes is advisable.
  • Experiment with various pre-programmed running routines on the treadmill to enhance calorie burn and facilitate weight loss.
  • Incorporating intervals into your treadmill sessions is an effective method to burn more calories in less time. Alternate between running slowly for 2 minutes and then picking up the pace for another 2 minutes. This interval pattern results in increased calorie burn as your body can’t predict the next speed change, forcing it to work harder and burn more calories. Discover more about intervals here and here.
  • The final and crucial tip… Identify your personal fat-burning zone before initiating treadmill workouts for weight loss. Understanding your fat-burning heart rate is essential for effective weight loss during any cardio or treadmill session. The fat-burning zone is where your body maximizes calorie burn per minute.
  • To determine your fat-burning zone, calculate your maximum heart rate and then pinpoint the optimal fat-burning range. The formula is 220 minus your age. For instance, if you’re 56 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 220 – 56, resulting in 164 beats per minute. In this scenario, your fat-burning zone would be around 70% of 164, approximately 115 beats per minute (164 x 0.70 = 114.8).

With this knowledge, I now understand that to maximize weight loss, I need to maintain a heart rate between 115 and 164 bpm during my workouts.

What’s holding you back? Determine your fat-burning zone and kickstart your weight loss journey for a healthier you.

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