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The Cost of Your Well-being

Courtesy of Peloton

Achieving top fitness comes at a price.

Advertisements across the nation promote budget-friendly gym memberships and supplements for pre- and post-exercise that are accessible for purchase over the counter or with a prescription. You can acquire fitness gear at your nearby Target or through a monthly payment plan that covers the equipment and virtual classes you can participate in from the comfort of your residence. The options are diverse for maintaining your physical well-being, but what is the actual expense of staying healthy nowadays?

You’ve probably come across the stationary bike that allegedly features a screen linking you to live cycling instructors and their classes. Maybe you’ve seen their TV commercials or online promotions. The allure of the product is clear, and I, too, would fancy having such apparatus nestled in my home office, eagerly awaiting my inaugural ride. Nonetheless, for me, that’s likely where its functionality would end, and my financial status would be in a fix.

Several of these fitness centers, exercise apparatus, and programs come with terms and conditions that a lot of us may disregard. The costs can be high, even outrageously so. However, it’s vital to acknowledge that each individual has their own value for well-being. If you’re someone fixated on exercising, consuming nutritious meals, and staying current on the latest health fads, then a $3000 stationary bike with interactive lessons at around $100 per month might be a suitable investment for you. Yet, if you’re similar to me, you might relish simply lacing up your sneakers and going for a leisurely jog or stroll outdoors. Ultimately, it hinges on your personal inclinations and how much you are prepared to invest in your well-being.

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