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The Dangers of Teeth Grinding

Credit: Unsplash
Chewing becomes much tougher with flat tooth stubs.

Allow me to present you with a quick test: where do the world’s diverse canyons and rocky cliffs originate from? The answer: erosion, which denotes the gradual abrasion of stone over time due to continuous friction and grinding from external influences. Now contemplate this: if persistent grinding can erode solid rock into a canyon, then what impact does it have on tooth grinding? You already know the answer.

Teeth grinding, alternatively termed as “bruxism,” commonly arises from either tension or dental misalignment. It might even stem from both factors! You may not even be aware of this habit, but in the long haul, grinding can significantly jeopardize the strength of your teeth. Grinding erodes your teeth, rendering them more vulnerable to harm and cavities. Furthermore, it could lead to persistent jaw pain and, in severe instances, subtly change the structure of your face. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll undoubtedly require interventions such as crowns, implants, or in worst-case scenarios, dentures, if the condition escalates.

Credit: Unsplash

The approach to halting grinding heavily hinges on its root cause. If stress triggers your teeth grinding, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a therapist to alleviate your stress levels. In case you’re unconsciously grinding your teeth, particularly during slumber when it’s most prevalent, consulting with a dentist about getting a night guard produced might be beneficial. Night guards, usually crafted from soft silicone, serve as a cushion between the upper and lower oral sections, akin to a retainer. Additionally, endeavor to reduce the consumption of stimulants like coffee and soda, and refrain from indulging in activities that could impair your teeth, such as chewing on hard, non-edible objects.

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