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The Hazards of Highly Processed Foods

Photo Credit: Consumer Reports

Although they may be appetizing now, your future thoughts won’t be favorable.

Foods that have undergone processing, particularly highly processed ones, do not boast any commendable health benefits, if they even possess any. Nevertheless, when you find yourself at work clutching a mug of coffee that you’ve settled on as your solitary breakfast option, and your colleague brings in a selection of freshly baked assorted doughnuts, you’re likely to end the day regretting your choices. However, consider refraining from reaching out for that frosted, sprinkled doughnut just yet.

Recent studies have unearthed a correlation between heightened consumption of highly processed foods and an increased risk of developing cancer. You might question, “but don’t all foods undergo some level of processing before consumption?” The fact is, not all food products go through processing stages, as there are fresh fruits, vegetables, and items that bypass any form of mechanical tampering until they enter our mouths. On the other hand, there are seemingly wholesome options like canned soups that harbor artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and additives. Then come the highly processed foods, carrying excessive amounts of calories, sodium, and sugar.

Research findings also indicate that individuals who predominantly rely on highly processed foods tend to experience weight issues, including obesity. Such individuals are more susceptible to developing diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and consuming an excessive quantity of processed foods, such as hot dogs, has been linked to a heightened risk of colorectal cancer.

Instead of opting for that sugary doughnut, or even contemplating skipping meals altogether, consider packing a selection of fresh vegetables and fruits like celery sticks or slices of apple. Ensuring a balanced and diverse diet should be one of your utmost priorities this year, so go ahead and make that change.

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