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The Impact of Surroundings on Child Growth

Acknowledgment: The Spruce

Choose wisely if the community plays a role in your child’s upbringing.

If you are a parent, then you are likely already encountering or will soon face the various stages and transitions of your child’s health milestones. The daily routine of cleansing their hands, brainstorming and preparing nutritious meals, shielding their eyes from anything exceeding PG, sterilizing their hands, averting their ears from vulgarity, disinfecting their hands, ensuring they refrain from ingesting laundry detergent pods, and lastly, but significantly, sterilizing their hands. Yet, amidst focusing on all the necessary aspects to safeguard your child’s safety and well-being, one may overlook the broader perspective: the influence of their surroundings on their well-being. More specifically, the neighborhoods in which we reside.

So, why does the neighborhood in which we live matter? Studies have indicated that the locality in which we are raised impacts our longevity, our mobility within the economic hierarchy, and even our stress levels.

For instance, regions offering abundant opportunities for their inhabitants have exhibited life expectancies exceeding 80 years, whereas regions with limited opportunities have average life expectancies of 75. Furthermore, it has been observed that children nurtured in impoverished areas tend to earn an average income of approximately $29,000 by the age of 35, whereas those from affluent neighborhoods typically earn around $45,000 annually.

Not only does our residential area influence our longevity and income, but it can also impact our dietary choices intended to maintain our health. Even within the same country or state, significant disparities exist in the availability of diverse food items across various areas. Impoverished neighborhoods often offer fewer fresh and nutritious options, compelling residents to opt for more economical yet less nutritious alternatives.

Hence, when contemplating a relocation, thoroughly evaluate the neighborhood to ensure it aligns with your child’s well-being and growth.

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