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The Optimal Dumbbell Bench Pressing Technique

Credit: Unsplash
Two for the cost of one.

Considering the act of “bench pressing,” your initial thought typically gravitates towards hoisting a single oversized barbell, isn’t it? While indeed the traditional bench press entails lying on your back and lifting a hefty, singular weighted bar, there exists an alternative form of bench press. It involves using two distinct dumbbells, which some argue is a superior methodology to adopt. Utilizing two dumbbells with distinct weights empowers you to precisely target specific muscle groups, unlike a single barbell that engages your entire body simultaneously.

So, how can one master the ideal focused dumbbell bench press? Allow us to seek inspiration from everyone’s beloved muscular movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Recently, Johnson shared on his personal Instagram his perfected technique for the dumbbell bench press, as he undergoes intense training for his forthcoming prominent role in DC’s Black Adam.

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Johnson’s regimen primarily centers on isolating specific muscle fibers in his pectorals, and the optimal technique involves executing slow, meticulous lifts with each movement lasting around three seconds. By positioning his shoulders behind his chest while lying down, Johnson effectively shifts the weight and pressure onto his chest muscles. Sustaining this pressure within that area and performing deliberate, unhurried motions ensures that his pectorals endure prolonged tension, maximizing the effectiveness of each repetition. It’s important to note that Johnson lifts with 120-pound dumbbells for sets of 10, but adjustments can definitely be made for varying weights.

The crucial aspect is to actively engage and contract your chest muscles while lifting; concentrate the pressure there. Avoid swinging your arms or attempting full extension; focus all the effort on your pectoral muscles.

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