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The Powerful Benefits of the Dragon Fruit

Credit: Healthline
While you won’t spew fire, you will receive some exceptional health advantages.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Pete’s Dragon, you might remember the scene where the villains sing about the many uses of a dragon. It was a rather grim number looking back, but it ties into our discussion today. Given that a dragon symbolizes versatility, it’s no surprise that a fruit named after it offers similarly diverse benefits.

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Native to southern Mexico and Central America, the pitaya, commonly known as the dragon fruit, came into my awareness through a bottle of Vitamin Water in the mid-2000s. However, the consumption of these exotic fruits has a longer history, dating back to the 1960s when the name “dragon fruit” emerged. Given its fiery outer appearance and pale, seeded interior, the dragon fruit resembles something extraterrestrial, but it springs from this planet and is brimming with nutrients.

Similar to most fruits, dragon fruit serves as an excellent source of vitamin C, supporting immune health, but that’s just the beginning. A single dragon fruit can contain up to 7g of fiber, equivalent to a quarter of your daily recommended intake. So, if you’ve been experiencing digestive issues, dragon fruit will help get things moving smoothly.

Credit: Chara Marie

Speaking of smoothness, dragon fruit also supports healthy blood circulation and heart function. Amongst the diverse fruits globally, dragon fruit stands out for its rich iron content, which aids in hemoglobin production in the blood, as well as maintaining healthy hair and skin. Additionally, the seeds of the dragon fruit are rich in omega-3 and omega-9, known to be effective in preventing inflammation and heart disease. Furthermore, dragon fruit is one of the select fruits with substantial magnesium content, promoting robust bones and overall bone health.

Therefore, while feasting on a dragon fruit may not confer eternal youth or magical vocal abilities, incorporating this fruit into your diet will significantly enhance your daily nutrient intake. And hey, they taste fantastic in salsa!

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