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The Significance of Applying Sunblock

Credit: Unsplash
It’s not only about appearance, it’s also related to well-being.

On several occasions in my life, I have experienced truly terrible sunburns. I possess a fair complexion in general, which unfortunately means I have low tolerance to direct sunlight during the summer season. However, with this summer likely to resemble a return to normalcy to some extent, there’s a high probability that everyone will be frolicking outdoors carefreely. Enjoy the pleasant summer sunshine to your heart’s content, but please remember to apply your sunblock.

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While sunlight aids in the synthesis of vitamin D in your body, excessive exposure can lead to lasting harm to your skin. Undoubtedly, severe sunburn is a major concern and can be incredibly painful. However, a sunburn is trivial compared to the real tissue damage that can occur from prolonged overexposure. This is why adequate sunblock is absolutely essential if you plan on spending an extended period in the sun.

Various factors determine the efficacy of your sunblock. The most commonly known factor is the SPF level. A lower SPF offers less protection, so if you have fair skin, it’s advisable to use a higher SPF like SPF 100. Nevertheless, more crucial than the SPF level is the frequency and thoroughness of application. Many people overlook the fact that a single application of sunblock may not offer protection throughout the day, especially if you are active or in water. There is no such thing as “sweat-proof” or “waterproof” sunblock; it will naturally wear off sooner or later. Neglecting to reapply sunblock at regular intervals renders the SPF level irrelevant – you will still end up with a sunburn.

Credit: Unsplash

Another consideration is whether you opt for a spray sunblock or a lotion and whether they are physical or chemical formulations. Physical sunblock lotions, despite looking a bit awkward, completely deflect the sun’s rays from your skin. Chemical sunscreens are equally effective, but they might cause irritation in certain skin types. It is advisable to avoid spray sunblocks as they can provide uneven coverage. There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve covered your entire body, only to find a big red patch later where you missed a spot.

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