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The Top Detox Eating Regimen For Navratri

Firstly, let me extend my best wishes to all of you for a very fortunate Navratri. May these nine days of dedication bring about well-being for each one of you. May we all be able to draw upon the power of Devi Durga within us to combat both internal and external adversities.

Prior to delving into anything else, Í devised my Navratri meal strategy (accessible here) and have now put together a detox plan for this period. Observing a fast during Navratri does not necessarily hold religious implications for all. I have various relatives who fast during these nine days simply to jumpstart their weight loss journey or to overcome a weight loss plateau they have been battling with persistently. However, from a personal perspective, I am of the opinion that Navratri presents a prime opportunity for detoxification (and who says you cannot contemplate good health in conjunction with religion?)

Prime Detox Eating Regimen For Navratri

I am acquainted with numerous young individuals who opt to abstain from junk food for at least a week or five days during Navratri in order to aid in the detoxification of their bodies. This initiative appears commendable, however, it is pivotal to remember that detoxification does not entail deprivation of food. So, how can one undertake detoxification, given that you are accustomed to consuming substantial quantities of food and are likely to experience hunger pangs, potentially leading to abandonment of the regime halfway through? On several occasions, we have witnessed individuals aimlessly starving themselves during these nine days and immediately thereafter indulging in a binge fest, culminating in an outcome that is all too predictable… You already are aware of what I am hinting towards here.

What Constitutes Genuine Detox?

A genuine detox involves the consumption of copious amounts of liquids to facilitate the elimination of toxins from your system. Detox signifies the ingestion of easily digestible light meals at frequent intervals. However, our typical approach involves loading up our plates with heavily fried “Navratra special foods” and subsequently retiring to bed satiated with distended bellies. (I distinctly recall a childhood incident where I ate excessively in the evening following the fast and ended up vomiting at night.)

The Correct Method for Detoxifying During Navratras

The recommended dietary approach for detoxifying during these nine days of Navratras could resemble the following regimen…

Early Morning

Commence your day with two glasses of lukewarm water with or without lime or wheatgrass or aloe vera and amla juice incorporated into the water.


Savor a mixed fruit smoothie with a base of coconut water or green tea, accompanied by ten almonds.


You may opt for either an apple, an orange, or a glass of mixed fruit juice. Refrain from choosing packaged juices as they can derail your detox plan.


Enjoy a fruit chaat or a big bowl of mixed fruits with a glass of unsweetened lemon water. Supplement this meal with fresh vegetable salads.


Indulge in some green tea along with a serving of walnuts or mixed dry fruits (be moderate in your consumption of figs and raisins).


Select any whole fruit except banana and cheekoo as they contribute to excessive carb intake. Alternatively, consider having a fruit tea like Pomegranate tea.


For dinner, ensure not to eat beyond 8-9 pm. Prepare sautéed vegetables and clear vegetable soups. Integrating homemade paneer into the vegetable dish (remember, we are on a detox) is a favorable choice.

Before Retiring for the Night

If hunger strikes, a small cup of milk can be consumed.

A word of caution — maintain adequate hydration by consuming ample water throughout the day. Sip on honey-infused lime water or freshly squeezed juices if hunger pangs persist. The ultimate goal is to purge your system while simultaneously reaping the rewards of weight loss, sans starvation. If you find the rigors too demanding, introduce fresh salads during snack times. A cucumber here and a tomato there are both encouraged.

This encapsulates the essence of detox during Navratri.

I intend to adhere to this Detox Eating Regimen For Navratri, How about you?

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