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    This 15-Minute Exercise Routine Will Test Your Equilibrium, Power And Cognitive Abilities

    Due to the chemical compounds released during physical activity, engaging in exercise not only benefits your body but also provides a mental boost. However, not every workout specifically stimulates your cognitive skills. This is where the 15-minute coordination routine sets itself apart.

    “Our bodies and minds continuously receive input from various systems to produce what appears as unified motion,” stated Molly Frankinburger, DPT, PT, CSCS, in a previous interview with Well+Good. The end result may seem straightforward, such as taking a simple step. Yet, in reality, coordination requires intricate precision. It encompasses controlling your pace, rhythm, and path. It entails processing a wide range of feedback from both your body and surroundings, then translating it into actions, which can sometimes be intricate and involve numerous stages.

    Developing good coordination is beneficial as it enables us to move effortlessly (and safely) through our environment. Enhancing this skill brings immediate and long-lasting advantages. Contrary to childhood beliefs, coordination exercises are not solely about patting your head and rubbing your belly concurrently. They can encompass blending foot movements with strength training, activating previously unused muscles, or contorting and flexing in ways that may initially present a challenge. This is why they serve as a workout for both your body and mind.

    Enter Traci Copeland and her 15-minute coordination routine. The session kicks off with a warm-up focused on engaging your lower body, shoulders, and core. The main sequence comprises three sets of five full-body exercises, each containing a unique element. For instance, one motion combines a warrior 3 pose transitioning into a knee drive, aiming to fortify the delicate muscles in your feet and ankles that support balance. The “grapevine squat” will have you almost dancing, with Copeland urging you to escalate the pace as you grow accustomed to the movement. And don’t even start on her bear plank variation.

    This video is demanding, yet in just 15 minutes, you’ll feel gratified that you’ve achieved a comprehensive workout spanning from head to toe.


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