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This Company Is Raising 6 Million Dollars Find Out Why

The ‘European Netflix For Podcasts’ Raises 6 Million Euros

There is a Copenhagen-based startup Podimo and they want to make a major streaming service for Podcasts and raised €6 million in seed funding prior to launch! Wow that’s alot! Podimo’s goal is to raise the popularity of podcasts and to make a platform to access them all from one place.

The founder is Morten Strunge, he is known for his work in the subscription service industry creating an audiobook service Mofibo, which was later acquired by Storytel. Originally, the platform wanted to offer a free and paid subscription service. Podimo is also looking to create a better user-friendly platform compared to other predecessors.

In a world where the major media format is video, Strunge has a strong believe that audio is the superior format. Strunge also mentions the benefits of the low production-cost value with audio formatted media compared to video. Podimo is focusing on making a podcast streaming app that gives users the best featured for recommending and discovering new podcasts based on your interests.

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