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This Comprehensive Body Strength Workout Is Also A Cardio Session In Disguise

If you’re looking to elevate your heart rate without engaging in any high-impact activities or sudden movements, fear not. You can still achieve a vigorous workout that gets your heart pumping without placing undue stress on your joints.

Your not-so-secret weapons for this routine are a pair of moderately-weighted dumbbells. In this innovative workout crafted by coach Kat Atienza from Session in Brooklyn, these weights will assist you in targeting your lower body, core, and upper body without the need for high-impact exercises like jump squats.

Additionally, these dumbbells can also provide you with a cardiovascular challenge. This is because when using lighter weights for a higher number of repetitions, it can elevate your heart rate similarly to traditional cardio exercises, in contrast to heavy lifting where fewer repetitions are done with heavier weights. Naturally, the pace of your repetitions can be adjusted as needed, depending on the weight of the dumbbells you choose – always prioritize maintaining proper form, even if it means moving slower.

Carrying the hand-held dumbbells offers an additional advantage: as you position the weights in front of you during squats, hold one out for single-leg deadlift rows, or keep it by your side in a suitcase grip, you are also engaging your core, arm, and back muscles. Thus, even though a particular exercise may seem to primarily target your lower body, your upper body and core are also actively involved.

This 19-minute workout session, featuring a warm-up and cool down, consists of two sets comprising three exercises each, performed in two rounds. The warm-up segment allows you to practice movements that will later be executed with weights, such as hinges and squats, ensuring your muscles are activated and primed for the subsequent weighted exercises.

Atienza will provide guidance throughout the workout, offering cues to help you maintain proper form by indicating where to focus your gaze or which muscles to engage for stability. A post-workout stretch will aid in loosening tight muscles and leaving you feeling both resilient and invigorated. All in less than 20 minutes, making it a valuable investment of your time.

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