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This Is How You Can Get Into Exercising Without Breaking A Sweat

Getting back into regular exercise after spending some time out can be incredibly daunting and even more stressful. Your body forgets how to handle itself during a workout after a while and, make no mistake, getting back to the place you were before is not going to be easy. But when did anything worth working forever come easy?

Here, we’ll be taking you through some gentle steps to help you back into your workout routine and exercising without putting your body through too much stress.

Start Small

You’ve heard the phrase walk before you can run? The same rings true in returning to exercise only it’s a piece of advice that should be taken quite literally in this case. Don’t go straight for the 10k runs. Start by working your way up to 5k by jogging gently for a few weeks, gradually expanding how many miles you’re covering and the pace you’re jogging at.

Listen To Music You Love

Music is a great way to motivate and distract yourself from your aching limbs whilst exercising. Invest in a good pair of wireless headphones so you don’t have any strings attached and try to focus on the music above everything else. Stick to music that’s heavy on the lyrics and incredibly active. Dance, rock and high energy hip-hop are obvious choices here as the rhythms lend themselves well to exercise but go with whatever works for you.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself after a good workout with a cheat day, a rest a beer or a sweet treat. Just because you’re getting back into exercise that doesn’t mean you have to live like a monk. Giving yourself subtle rewards is going to make your return to the world of exercise seem a lot more manageable and less of a chore.

Make It A Social Experience

If you find it difficult to find the energy to do it alone, consider exercising with friends or joining a workout class at your local gym. We’re not saying you should go “full CrossFit” or anything but exercise doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. Maybe instead of meeting your friends at the pub every Friday night, you could meet them at the gym instead? And then go to the pub after.

Think Outside The Gym

You don’t just have to exercise at the gym. Make exercise a natural habit whether it’s walking your dog, playing sports, going for hikes or even going dancing, there are dozens of things you could be doing outside the gym to meet your fitness goals.

Above all else, however, be realistic with your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your perfect body won’t be either so don’t push yourself too hard and try to enjoy it!

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