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This Quick 8-Minute Exercise Routine Will Enhance Full Body Power Regardless of Your Fitness Level

When a fitness coach demonstrates a specific action and asks you to complete as many iterations as possible in, let’s say, half a minute, how can you determine the appropriate pace?

It’s entirely up to you. Often referred to as AMRAP workouts (short for “as many reps as possible”), this method of organizing a workout session enables you to easily modify the level of exertion based on your current physical condition and feelings that day. You have the autonomy to decide how much effort you want to put in. An AMRAP session can either be an opportunity to completely exhaust your muscles or to maintain a slow and steady pace to concentrate on perfecting your technique.

“AMRAP workouts are all about reaching your objectives—whether they’re significant or minor—by demonstrating commitment, diligence, minimal distractions, and focus,” as previously stated by Jason Khalipa, the author of As Many Reps As Possible: Succeeding In Competition, Business, and Life By Seizing Every Single Moment to Well+Good.

Elisabeth Akinwale, a certified personal trainer and founder of 13th Flow Chicago, presents a sequence of AMRAP intervals in this innovative eight-minute, full-body workout video to launch Well+Good’s ReNew Year movement initiative. “You have the freedom to choose your own pace—fast or slow, it’s completely up to you,” she remarks.

This comprehensive strength circuit workout was deliberately crafted by Akinwale so that it can be adaptably tailored to suit your fitness level. You’ll cycle through reverse lunges, Supermans, windshield wipers, and several other movements to engage various muscle sets across multiple planes of motion. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, enabling you to perform as many repetitions as you find manageable within that time frame. “Any pace that suits you also suits me,” Akinwale states. “It’s your workout, so you have the freedom to mold it as you wish.”

Some exercises may naturally come more effortlessly, allowing you to transition through them rapidly. Conversely, some exercises might necessitate you to decelerate to grasp the correct technique. Just ensure you’re not rushing excessively to the point where you compromise your full range of motion or your form deteriorates, or you become so fatigued that you must cease. Akinwale advises, “Our aim is to maintain consistent movement throughout the interval.”

By enrolling in the ReNew Year program, you will receive a week’s worth of daily routines similar to this one delivered to your email every Sunday during this month, designed with Akinwale’s diverse expertise as a coach, past gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, CrossFitter, and social worker.

One key aspect she emphasizes: Don’t perceive it as a sign of weakness if you need to dial back the intensity during a session. Genuine strength involves being attuned to your body’s signals and honoring its requirements. “If it feels overwhelming, just ease up a bit,” she advises.

For those following the ReNew Year program, we will revisit this same workout multiple times so that you not only become more familiar with each exercise but also gauge your progression as the month progresses. “Next time, you can aim for an even higher level of performance,” suggests Akinwale.

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