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Thus You’ve Struck Your Elbow

Credit: Unsplash
No jesting matter concerning humorous bones.

One intriguing tidbit: your “humorous bone” isn’t actually a bone, but rather the lengthy ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve is responsible for your brain to sense and manage your ring and pinky fingers. It’s dubbed the “funny bone” due to the peculiar sensation that follows elbow impact. This peculiarity is not amusing in a laugh-out-loud way. There’s nothing particularly amusing about it, unless it happens to someone else. That can be quite amusing.

Regardless, an elbow strike can be incredibly uncomfortable, not just in the immediate aftermath but also for several days. A severe elbow impact can extend up your arm, leading to transient tendonitis in your wrist and fingers. It’s quite an unpleasant sensation, particularly if your occupation entails manual work. Unfortunately, there’s no instant fix for an injured elbow, but there are a few techniques you can utilize to alleviate the recovery process annoyance.

To address a tender elbow and the wrist discomfort it induces, you should incorporate traditional hot-cold therapy. Apply either an ice pack or some pain relief cream such as Icy Hot to the affected region. Cooling the area will assist in reducing the pain, while applying heat will aid in enhancing blood circulation and accelerating the healing of the injury. Additionally, you can perform some straightforward hand and elbow stretches to promote proper circulation.

Credit: Unsplash

If you are not engaging in stretches, it’s advisable to keep your arm as immobile as possible. Excessive movement will impede proper healing. Strive to maintain arm stillness, and if you encounter difficulties, contemplate wearing a basic arm or wrist support. These are available for purchase at your nearby pharmacy and will ensure your arm remains steady while your body recuperates.

With any fortune, you should be feeling normal in a few days. If the discomfort persists beyond that period, it may be wise to consult your physician to rule out any serious injuries.

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