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Tidy Up All that Dust

Credit: Unsplash
Remember, you’re no chinchilla.

Have you ever thought about when was the last time you tidied up your room? Dusting is one of those tasks that you might underestimate its significance until you actually do it. You might glance at your desk and assume, “It looks fine, there’s nothing on it,” but once you swipe a duster across it, you’ll realize it’s akin to the barren expanse of the moon’s surface. Regular dusting isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s also crucial for your own well-being.

Dust allergies are a common cause of various respiratory problems. Do you frequently cough or have a scratchy throat at home? It’s not solely due to spring pollen; chances are, your home’s dust particles are to blame. Remember the moon-like dust-covered desk I mentioned earlier? Envision all that dust particles dispersing into the air each time you breathe near your desk. It’s highly likely that some of that dust is finding its way into your mouth unnoticed. Disgusting, isn’t it? This is why having a dust allergy can feel like enduring a perpetual cold; all that debris in your living space is constantly swirling around your head.

Credit: Unsplash

To prevent the accumulation of dust, it’s essential to maintain a regular cleaning routine in your home. Vacuum your carpets, sweep and mop your hard floors, launder your bed sheets at least once weekly, and of course, dust your furniture. You can purchase disposable dusting sheets in bundles from your nearby grocery store, along with a small wand to affix them to. With consistent dusting and cleaning, you might notice a reduction in the itchiness of your eyes, nose, and throat.

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