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Time for A Spring Cleaning Session

Credit: Unsplash
A Tidy Area, A Fresh Body, A Clear Mind.

Having shared my living space with a variety of untidy roommates during my college years, I now approach home upkeep more diligently. While I wouldn’t label myself as a cleanliness fanatic, I do strive to maintain a tidy living environment. Despite one’s best efforts to keep their dwelling clean, dirt has a tendency to gather on its own. Dusty shelves, tiny particles on the carpet, clogged air filters – you may not notice everything at first, but once it catches your attention, don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to tidy up. As Spring has arrived, why not kick off your Spring decluttering?

The initial step is to dust every level surface in your household. Purchase a Swiffer wand, perhaps some compressed air, and a few fresh, dry cloths. It’s advisable to open the window in advance and consider wearing a face covering, as there will be a significant amount of airborne particles. Carefully wipe clean all surfaces, as well as any photographs or small decorative items that have been stationary for a while. If there is dust buildup on sensitive objects or electronic devices, use compressed air to blow it away.

Credit: Unsplash

Subsequently, give that carpet a thorough vacuuming. Carpets tend to attract various debris and, needless to say, more dust, so it’s wise to clean them regularly to prevent them from releasing particles into the air with each step. A good quality vacuum cleaner is all you need; simply move it across your living area, ensuring to cover each surface multiple times to capture any hidden dirt. Most vacuums come with attachments that can be used in tight spots, but if the space is extremely confined, try wrapping a cloth around a long, slender pole such as a mop handle and maneuvering it around.

Lastly, if you utilize air conditioning units or air purifiers, remember to inspect their filters. These types of appliances typically have a recommended filter maintenance schedule, and some even provide indicators when the filter requires cleaning, but it’s worthwhile to peek inside briefly to ensure there isn’t excessive buildup.

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