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Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Credit: Unsplash
Avoid indulging in the entire gravy boat, as tempting as it may be.

Thanksgiving is certainly among the most delectable holidays when it comes to full meals (excluding Halloween candy). However, it’s also one of the occasions with the highest caloric consumption. While traditional Thanksgiving dishes like roasted turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are undeniably fantastic, they are not the healthiest options. Despite being a once-a-year event, since your Thanksgiving feast is likely to be more modest this year, why not seize the chance to make some adjustments to the menu?

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Let’s start with the most obvious change – how can we enhance the turkey? If you haven’t already considered it, opting for organic turkey is the way to go. Some commercially raised turkeys are laden with additives and preservatives, which are best avoided. Organic, locally-sourced turkey not only offers a more natural option but typically tastes better as well. When seasoning the turkey, opt for a simple mix of herbs, salt, pepper, and grass-fed butter. A bit of fat is acceptable. Alternatively, olive or avocado oil are appealing alternatives for those who prefer to skip butter.

Alongside the turkey, include some robust leafy greens as side dishes. Vegetables like arugula, spinach, and collard greens provide extra fiber and vitamin B, aiding in reducing the temptation to overindulge. Leafy greens are also beneficial for kick-starting your digestive system, especially post-dinner when you may find yourself dozing off on the couch while watching football.

Credit: Unsplash

For dessert, consider a baked good made with nut flour. Nut flour, in comparison to grain-based flours, is lower in carbohydrates, higher in nutrients, and naturally sweet, eliminating the need for extra sugar in recipes. While it may not be as traditional as pumpkin pie, who could resist a nut flour cookie?

If you’re not hosting the entire family for dinner (which you shouldn’t), you have more flexibility. Perhaps next year you can experiment with your new menu when you have a full house?

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