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Tips for Inducing Sleep When You’re Struggling

Image Credit: Unsplash
Time to utilize some physical tricks.

Finding yourself gazing at the ceiling in the wee hours, unable to drift off peacefully, can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes, there may not even be a clear cause, such as loud noises or a glaring light; sleeplessness can strike unexpectedly. I recall a night when I couldn’t sleep because the initial lines of a J-pop song were looping in my mind, and now I feel a bit uneasy whenever I hear that tune. Nevertheless, rest is essential, so you must discover ways to lull yourself to sleep, even if it entails deceiving your body.

To start with, endeavor to pinpoint what is preventing you from falling asleep. Is light seeping in through the window from a rogue source? Block it out with something. Are you feeling too hot or cold? Readjust the room temperature or change your attire and covers. Is there a commotion next door disturbing your peace? Insert earplugs. Is the silence too deafening? Opt for some white noise. However, be cautious not to engage in overly stimulating activities like browsing your smartphone, as it could exacerbate the issue.

Image Credit: Unsplash

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, attempt to exhaust yourself physically. Engage in some gentle stretches or light exercise to expend surplus energy. If it’s your mind rather than your body that’s causing the trouble, wear it out by undertaking mundane tasks. Fold laundry, delve into a book, tidy up a bit. You can also play some mellow, calming music, but once more, try to avoid direct screen exposure if feasible. Refrain from brooding over the fact that you’re missing out on sleep, as exasperating as it may be; simply concentrate on your mundane task, and before long, you should feel the drowsy sensation beckoning you back.

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