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    Top Nutrition Choices for Pre and Post Workout

    Credit: Eat This Much

    Get Set to Fuel Your Muscles

    Have you ever experienced a subpar day at the gym, during a run, or engaging in sports? At times, when our body doesn’t meet our usual expectations, we may find it puzzling. However, what you consume before and after your workout can significantly impact your performance and well-being.

    Despite the negative connotations, carbohydrates play a vital role for those dedicated to exercise. Prior to exercising, ensuring your snack or meal contains a blend of quality carbs and protein is crucial for sustained energy and muscle development.

    According to Ali Holman, a fitness authority, a simple PB & J sandwich can suffice. For a more breakfast-oriented pre-workout option, consider oatmeal with milk and fruits to fulfill your carbohydrate and protein requirements.

    Likewise, post-workout, aim to consume protein and carbs within the first hour. However, immediate consumption post-exercise might be challenging due to potential stomach discomfort. Thus, Ali suggests consuming a combination like whole grain toast with a boiled egg.

    These choices are rich in protein and carbs, while also being gentle on the digestive system. If you feel up for a full meal, opt for a turkey and avocado wrap. Avocados serve as a great alternative to mayo, aiding in preventing cramps.

    Lastly, Ali suggests concluding your workout session with a protein shake. She equates it to “giving your muscles a valuable treat.”


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