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Train Like the Elite Forces with This Workout Plan

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To enhance realism, enlist a boot camp instructor to shout instructions at you.

The Elite Forces represent the finest individuals from various divisions of the United States armed forces. These soldiers must maintain peak physical and mental form, as they are deployed in the most perilous life-or-death missions. Given these requirements, it is logical that such specialized military personnel follow a customized fitness regimen.

Throughout the years, the military has experimented with different workout routines, and one favored program was crafted by Mark Lauren, a former physical fitness expert in the US military. Lauren’s background includes serving as an Air Force Combat Controller and excelling in Muay Thai kickboxing, although these details are not particularly relevant to the workout plan. Lauren advocates for a balanced mix of high, moderate, and low-intensity exercises for sustainable progress. The strategy involves starting with lighter exercises to allow the body to adjust before progressing to more challenging routines.

Credit: Men’s Health

The initial workout set comprises pull-ups, supported one-legged squats (pistol squats), and push-ups executed in military style. For each exercise, commence by setting a timer for seven minutes. Perform one repetition, followed by a rest period equivalent to the duration of that repetition. Monitor your breathing for accurate timing. Proceed to two repetitions, followed by a similar rest period, then advance to three repetitions and so forth. Challenge yourself without reaching complete muscle fatigue, with Lauren suggesting a maximum of four repetitions. However, once you reach this limit, the routine is not yet complete; you must reverse the process. If you stopped at four repetitions and rests, reduce to three, then two, then one. Known as “the ladder,” this method is self-explanatory. Ascend, descend, and repeat.

“It’s an effective approach that focuses on volume rather than intensity for skill enhancement,” notes Lauren. He also recommends vocalizing a motivational cry with each repetition, drawing inspiration from a Native American war chant or any other empowering phrase that resonates with you.

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