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Train to Halting Points, Not to Collapse

Credit: Unsplash
Exercising to a halting point won’t bring you any benefits.

Some weightlifting aficionados think that the best way to truly optimize your progress is by pushing yourself to the extent where you experience authentic, conceivably life-endangering discomfort. The common phrase may be “no pain, no gain,” but that entails reasonable discomfort, not “my entire spine feels compressed, call for emergency help.” Compelling yourself to exercise until your muscles give out is unsafe, not to mention possibly harmful to your self-assurance.

In a chat with Insider, former world’s strongest man Hafthor Björnsson, also recognized as The Mountain on Game of Thrones, clarified that he has never encountered a failed repetition in his life. That’s not because he possesses unimaginable strength (though he certainly does), but because he is highly conscious of his limitations and knows when it’s advisable not to surpass them.

“I’ve never come close to failing a lift in training sessions, you should always reserve some energy in the gym,” he mentioned.

“When you experience failure, it plants seeds of doubt in your mind, triggering the belief that you can’t handle that weight. By avoiding failure in training sessions, you nurture immense confidence,” he explained, emphasizing that such confidence is crucial for professional weightlifters, empowering them to trust that no weight is too heavy for them to hoist.

Credit: Unsplash

That being said, you could potentially enhance your gains slightly by training to failure, but only if done sparingly. If you have surplus energy, you may push yourself until your muscles falter just once throughout an entire week. Yes, a week, because your muscles require ample time to recuperate from all the strain you’ve imposed on them. You’ll undoubtedly witness muscle growth as they regenerate, but this method should not be overused, as it could lead to genuine injuries.

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