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Train Your Biceps and Core with a Crucifix Curl

Credit: Unsplash
Direct your focus on strengthening your core as you work your arms.

The human body naturally tends to adopt specific postures. For instance, consider the well-known T-pose, where you stand upright with your arms extended outwards resembling a lowercase T. This posture isn’t just about showing dominance for a TikTok video; it also serves as an excellent foundation for exercising. When you engage in a traditional bicep curl with a dumbbell, you primarily target your arm muscles, possibly involving the shoulders and chest. By incorporating the T-pose concept, you can execute the crucifix curl, utilizing your core strength in tandem with arm movements.

This exercise can be executed using free weights, although it may be more effective with a cable machine. The key factor is the ability to perform curls with the chosen weight load. The starting position involves being on your knees with an upright posture. Extend one weight horizontally in one hand, lifting it upwards, while simultaneously extending the other hand in the opposite direction for stabilization. The crucial aspect of this movement is not solely relying on the arms but also maintaining balance by engaging the core and shoulder muscles.

Credit: Unsplash

During the curls, ensure that the weight is primarily carried by the bicep rather than the wrist. Keep your elbow aligned with your shoulder to maintain focus on the target area. Hold each curl for approximately ten seconds and continue until you feel fatigued. Take a brief pause, then switch to the opposite arm and repeat the process. If you’re using a cable machine, you may need to adjust your position accordingly.

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