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Treating an Annoying Raw Throat

Credit: Unsplash
It’s better than having a persistent cough.

A throat can become irritated at any random moment in life. Perhaps it’s due to a slight cold, allergies, or maybe the air quality in your area isn’t great. Nowadays, with the rise of COVID, even a slight cough from a raw throat can cause people around you to give wary glances and distance themselves, so it’s advisable to address that raw throat promptly to avoid any awkward situations.

Your initial defense against raw throats involves consuming specific food and beverages. One of the most effective drinks for dealing with a raw throat is chilled herbal tea. The beneficial properties of the herbs and spices in herbal tea help reduce inflammation in your throat, and the cold temperature provides a soothing effect. Drinking quality cold tea can significantly alleviate mild raw throats. You can also try sucking on a cold ice pop for a cooling sensation, but opt for non-citrus flavors, as the acidity might worsen the irritation. Honey, if available, is a renowned remedy for raw throats due to its soothing texture, which coats the throat and shields it from further damage.

If dietary measures don’t bring relief, experiment with a home remedy. Gargle with salt water or take a steamy shower to clear your respiratory passages and ease the annoyance of phlegm. While sleeping, elevate your head to avoid putting strain on your neck, as this could intensify symptoms. In case the air in your living space is too dry, utilize a humidifier to add moisture to the environment. Ensure that the humidifier is clean, as unclean ones can harbor bacteria and other undesirable substances.

Credit: Unsplash

If you are still facing challenges, consider using a nasal decongestant or allergy relief medication. Ensure that the issue is primarily in your throat; from personal experience, I can tell you that taking Mucinex for a nasal issue is not advisable. Ibuprofen, a pain reliever, can also help combat inflammation. If you endure severe, persistent pain, it is recommended to consult a physician. The silver lining is that solely having a raw throat does not necessarily signal COVID. However, if you encounter breathing difficulties, it’s a different situation. Seeking medical help is advisable regardless.

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