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Treating Dehydrated Skin

Credit: Unsplash
No one enjoys feeling like a dried grape.

The flaws in my skin are among my top annoyances. I don’t possess flawless skin in any sense, but that doesn’t trouble me. What bothers me is when I can tangibly sense those flaws. Do you realize how frustrating it is to experience a rigid, crusty sensation on your wrist merely by moving your thumb around? Truly irritating. That’s why I strive to prevent my skin from drying out, and if it does, I prioritize remedying it.

Your skin can dehydrate due to various reasons. Perhaps the air in your home is excessively dry, maybe you’re showering with excessively hot water for extended periods, or perhaps the fabric of your clothing is causing issues, just to offer a few examples. Due to the multitude of potential causes, completely preventing dry skin is exceedingly challenging, but fortunately, fixing it isn’t.

Addressing dehydrated skin is as easy as moisturizing it. What does moisturizing it entail, though? Well, you need to keep it moist. The most effective approach is to use basic moisturizers. Following washing your hands or bathing, you should apply some moisturizer to any problematic areas. This will assist in retaining moisture and preventing your skin from dehydrating once more.

Credit: Unsplash

If your skin becomes so dehydrated that it becomes cracked, itchy, and/or painful, you might need to utilize a medicinal balm or ointment to restore it. Substances like petroleum, shea butter, or hydrocortisone can be beneficial. Just ensure that whatever you use doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives, as they can also lead to dryness.

If you’re experiencing persistent issues and simple remedies aren’t effective, you may have a skin condition that requires specialized care. Consult with a dermatologist for potential solutions.

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