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Useful Tips For People Living With Essential Tremor

If you struggle with essential tremor, understand that the condition itself is not life-threatening. While this is good news, that does not mean that having this diagnosis is easy to live with. In fact, for many people with essential tremor, daily activities are nearly impossible to complete without help, which can lead to embarrassment and the desire to be left alone. Dealing with an essential tremor is challenging, but there are ways to cope using effective symptom management. If you struggle with essential tremor, here are five tips that may influence symptom reduction.

1. Practice Stress Reduction Techniques

It may not seem like much, but practicing relaxation techniques can go a long way in improving one’s health and establishing feelings of health and fitness as you get older.

Relaxation techniques can also effectively reduce symptoms of essential tremor vs parkinson’s. Physical agitation is worsened by feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and stress. Thankfully, we can teach our bodies to slow down by engaging in relaxation. As a result, you may experience reduced shaking and regain more ability to manage daily tasks without interference. Consider meditation, yoga, taking hot baths, and counseling to learn additional stress reduction techniques that may benefit you.

2. Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Sometimes alcohol can interfere with medications. The medications used to treat essential tremor are susceptible to complications. You are more likely to develop alcohol dependency if you take essential tremor medication.

It is crucial to stay clear of alcohol consumption to get the benefits of your medication without the side effects of addiction. You may also be able to take beta-blockers which may make engaging in social activities easier, as they may reduce your tremors. Reach out to your doctor to see if any supplements for seniors may also be effective at reducing your symptoms.

3. Avoid Caffeine And Stimulants

You need to keep your body as relaxed as possible for as long as possible to manage your essential tremor effectively. You also want to avoid caffeine and other stimulants, which can create agitation, anxiety, and restlessness in the body.

Avoid eating chocolate and drinking caffeinated teas as well. Caffeinated soda should also be avoided for these reasons. Stay away from energy drinks or other beverages with excessive amounts of caffeine. These drinks can also interfere with sleep which can make tremors worse. Go for caffeine-free teas that reduce anxiety.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make tremors worse. Do what you can to make your sleep peaceful and restful to get the quality shut-eye you need to reduce your symptoms during the day.

Prioritize your sleep to see as much reduction in tremors as possible. Be sure to keep your room as dark as possible so you’re not distracted by outside light. The better sleep you achieve each night, the more rested and restored your body will be the following day. This restoration may help reduce tremors.

5. Keep Napkins Nearby And Wear Weighted Bracelets

You may be able to avoid noises of tremors by keeping a napkin around any glasses you are drinking out of. This may help to prevent shaking and rattling of the glass. You might also consider wearing a weighted stone bracelet to give your hands more support. The extra weight may help reduce the intensity of your tremors.

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