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User Shares Trampoline Exercises Unveiled My Inner Child and Offered Me A Joint-Supportive Method To Achieve Some Formal Aerobics

The urge to attempt exercises on a trampoline has been increasingly noticeable in my thoughts recently. For those unfamiliar, trampoline exercises are exactly what they imply: leaping on a trampoline for physical activity (although the trampolines are smaller, and the movements are more precise). My curiosity might have sprung from all the entertaining Instagram reels and images of group trampoline sessions, or my eagerness to try fresh exercises, or—let’s be honest—a yearning to experience childlike amusement again amidst so much “adulting.”

Whatever the cause, I eventually decided to take the plunge. Seize the day, correct? And reveal: I’m so delighted I did.

I am not the sole individual intrigued by this activity either. According to Google Trends, searches for fitness trampoline are growing, up 60 percent in just the recent days. This might be, partially, because experts believe it’s a pleasurable, exceptional activity that can be especially advantageous for your physical and mental well-being (which we’ll delve into shortly).

My initial trampoline session experience

For my virtual classes and trampoline, I opted for The Ness, the initial trampoline fitness brand I had come across, although there are alternate labels that offer rebounding or bounce classes (two other frequently used terms for these sessions), such as obé, body by Simone, and LEKFIT, a rebounder studio launched by celebrity trainer Lauren Kleben in her Los Angeles garage.

Situated in New York City, The Ness provides a variety of online workout sessions that constitute a “dance-based, movement-focused fitness technique” you can relish at your own speed, according to their website. Being someone who relishes a good Zumba session and values the ability to take intervals when necessary, I felt The Ness was an ideal match for me.

“I appreciate the trampoline because it’s genuinely low-impact, yet it’s not lacking in intensity,” Colette Dong, co-founder of The Ness, previously disclosed to Well+Good. “Thus, it’s highly adrenaline-fueled, contains a solid cardio aspect, and activates your entire lymphatic system to drain and mobilize,” she remarked. “When you ascend, your weight decreases, and when you descend, you’re three times your weight, so with each bounce, you’re facilitating that lymphatic system.” Therefore, bouncing aids in enhancing your inner detoxification process to function more efficiently in eliminating cellular debris, bacteria, and pathogens, while reducing inflammation, fending off diseases, and fostering healthy digestion.

Below depicts the structure of a trampoline workout to provide a sense: 

Post requesting and obtaining a trampoline from The Ness, I hastily assembled it in my backyard. I must confess I felt a tad elated by the fact I assembled it on my own (although it was fairly simple, this wasn’t exactly a monumental feat). Subsequently, I perused the collection of classes on my laptop, opting for Lil’s “simple bounce #2,” a 20-minute session. (I opted not to commence with anything too demanding at first!) Placing my laptop on a patio chair, I commenced jumping.

Following a few swift leaps on the trampoline, I unveiled my inner child and sensed like a seven-year-old once again. I mean, you hear about the significance of engaging in movements that you find enjoyable, but I didn’t expect them to be that amusing, you know? More specifically, I relished the jumping jacks and “scissor” maneuvers in Lil’s video. Furthermore, she provided encouragement and played lively tunes throughout, an essential aspect of any session for me.

Nevertheless, the trampoline and virtual workouts do require an adjustment period. At times, I felt slightly shaky (which is anticipated, particularly if you haven’t been on a trampoline in a while), yet overall, I felt secure. My body weight was adequately supported, the trampoline was sufficiently large, and Lil was reassuring.

I was taken aback by the somewhat intense nature of it. Ere long, my lower limbs were tender.

I was taken aback by the somewhat intense nature of it. Ere long, my lower limbs were tender. (To clarify: I don’t engage in physical activities daily and seldom participate in any form of muscle training, yet I frequently engage in volleyball and/or partake in walks or dances.) I unquestionably had to pause intermittently to simply catch my breath and offer my legs a brief respite, which worked out well as I could conveniently pause the video. Moreover, I only required a few minutes of rest before I resumed, hence, not being wholly exhausted or in discomfort for several days afterward (as I have been following certain exercises) was rewarding.

Mentally, I felt somewhat self-conscious regarding the fact that I couldn’t leap as swiftly or as steadily as the instructor. Her jumps were incredibly consistent and neat, whereas mine were…less so. I had to remind myself that it’s okay. I was moving my body and having a blast—and that’s the essence, after all! I reiterated to myself that this was my session time, and I sought to do what was necessary to maintain it sustainable, comfortable, and enjoyable.

I state all this to normalize taking respites and choosing modifications. Although physical activity bears numerous advantages for mental well-being, I comprehend firsthand that it can swiftly bring you down if you compare yourself. (Additionally, I wish there was more diversity in body types among fitness instructors.)

What I hope I had realized before my inaugural bounce class

If trampoline fitness intrigues you, here’s what you should be aware of: Trampoline classes entail an assortment of maneuvers. While the varieties of jumps differ, initially, you can also incorporate arm weights, for instance, or basic stretches. This form of exercise is excellent if you wish to amalgamate muscle training, aerobic exercise, stability, and learning choreography.

The health advantages are abundantly present as well. You’re possibly already familiar with how, to cite Legally Blonde: “Physical activity yields endorphins, [and] endorphins induce happiness.” Additionally, physical activity aids in alleviating anxiety, enhancing mood, and addressing other mental health issues, in addition to physical benefits. With trampoline fitness specifically, you’re looking at surge in stamina, enhanced bone density, superior equilibrium, a stronger heart, stress reduction, and—indubitably—enjoyment.

“Moving rapidly and bouncing, as we do in a trampoline workout, helps in releasing and dispelling [pent-up] energy, resulting in the release of dopamine, another euphoric hormone.”—Anna Hindell, LCSW-R, therapist

“Bounce is one of the most beneficial activities for your physique,” declares Aly Giampolo, CPT, one of the co-founders and bounce instructors at The Ness. “It’s one of the rare exercises that is highly intense while simultaneously being gentle on your body.”

Consequently, if you encounter joint discomfort, this might serve as a more suitable manner for you to engage in movement. “The cushioned mat and cords enable the trampoline to provide a ‘yield’ so that the acceleration and deceleration are absorbed,” Dong clarifies. “This may mitigate up to 80 percent of the impact from jumping, easing the strain on your body.”

The yielding attribute makes trampoline exercises more accommodating, which is substantial. “We have had clients studying under us for over 9 years who commenced in their 40s and are now approaching their fifties without decelerating or missing a beat,” Dong shares. “The trampoline is also advantageous for new and expectant mothers as it fortifies the pelvic floor.”

Through bounce classes, you can also discharge emotions and emotional tension that is “trapped,” so to speak. “During periods of anxiety or stress, we accumulate emotions and energy within our body,” shares Anna Hindell, LCSW-R, CIYT, a therapist affiliated with Choosing Therapy. “Moving rapidly and bouncing, as we do in a trampoline workout, helps in releasing and dispelling [pent-up] energy, resulting in the release of dopamine, another euphoric hormone.”

I experienced this firsthand. Leaping instantaneously made me feel merrier, and it functioned as a diversion from other concerns. I dissipated my anxious energy through movement and felt quite content with myself afterward.

Concluding text.believes an intense, yet enjoyable, exercise is a terrific method to boost your spirits. It seems logical that more pleasurable workouts contribute to your overall well-being (at least to a certain extent), don’t you think?

Key practices for optimal bouncing

If you share the same apprehensions I once had—enthused, yet anxiously cautious about the unfamiliarity involved—Giampolo offers guidance to ease your concerns.

1. Confirm trampoline placement is on level ground

Hardwood floors, carpeting, grass, or sand will suffice as long as they are even, according to Giampolo. (My backyard has a slight slope, which may have exacerbated my calf discomfort and instability.)

2. Exercise mindful jumping

Giampolo advises maintaining a low stance, avoiding excessive height, engaging your core muscles and posterior leg muscles, keeping your knees slightly bent, and channeling energy through your heels. (Dong also discussed trampoline errors with Well+Good, which are worth exploring.)

3. Adapt movements to suit your preferences

If preferred, Giampolo suggests removing the bouncing element. The exercises do not necessarily have to be performed on a trampoline.
Select appropriate footwear. Specifically, a supportive, lightweight, and relatively flat athletic shoe. She points out that highly elevated shoes with extra support can hinder balance. (I can attest to this firsthand, whoops!)

Meanwhile, Hindell’s primary suggestion is to heed your body’s signals and avoid overexertion. Gradually enhance your confidence and endurance. “Bouncing can quickly elevate your heart rate, so if you are a novice, it’s advisable to jump and take regular breaks,” she advises. Furthermore, she emphasizes that shorter, more frequent jump sessions are ideal for mental health.

Ready to kickstart your journey? I suggest selecting a class that’s approximately half the duration of your usual workout for your inaugural bounce session. Subsequently, you can discern your preferences, be it pure bouncing, bouncing with added weights, or a blend of both. (For what it’s worth, Giampolo notes that many of her clients favor classes involving both bouncing with and without weights.)

Discovering an engaging fitness routine tailored to your needs is crucial. “If you aim to embark on a workout routine that nurtures your mental well-being, you must engage in activities that you find enjoyable, convenient, and cost-effective to eliminate obstacles to your exercise regimen,” Hindell remarks.

In this context, cost can pose a hindrance to attending bounce classes, yet it’s personally justifiable

Although not inexpensive—a monthly digital subscription to The Ness costs $39.99—the quality is commendable. Monthly digital subscriptions from obé ($25), LEKFIT ($34.99), and body by Simone ($19.99) are on par, besides the availability of free trampoline workouts on YouTube for home usage. The primary initial expense is purchasing a trampoline—the most sought-after brand for bounce studios is Jumpsport trampolines, starting at approximately $240. Notably, many of the exclusive trampolines at studios are created in collaboration with Jumpsport. For instance, The Ness trampoline is priced at $499.99 and designed by them. Therefore, an effective money-saving strategy is considering purchasing a trampoline either new or second-hand online.

In the end, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment. Trampoline workouts surpassed my expectations in terms of intensity, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. Additionally, I anticipate that challenging aspects like balance and mental relaxation will improve with each successive bounce session. Next time, I intend to incorporate more of the enjoyable exercises and fewer of the less favorable ones.

Moreover, I aim to constantly remind myself that exercise isn’t solely about aesthetics, but about enjoyment and well-being. I must admit that while volleyball holds a special place in my heart, I excitedly shared with a friend how delightful it is to bounce on my new trampoline.

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