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Ways to Economize and Improve Fitness in 2023

Approaching 2023, many individuals start pondering about the aspirations they wish to accomplish in the upcoming year. One common goal that often ranks high on the list is the ambition to enhance fitness levels and also save money. One might assume that these two objectives are not necessarily compatible, correct? Notably, January witnesses a surge in gym subscriptions and let’s be honest, they are not exactly low-cost. Given the current cost of living crisis, gym memberships are not a top priority for many.

Nevertheless, let’s not be discouraged so easily. Numerous strategies are available to both improve fitness and save money in 2023; we just need to be clever about it. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 approaches to kick off the year positively, assisting you in not only getting healthier but also aiding in saving money along the way.

Let’s delve into them!

1. Establish Your Own Workout Space

If you enjoy exercising but find it hard to justify the expense of a gym membership, why not set up a personal workout area at home.

You might think that home gyms necessitate costly equipment and a significant amount of space to accommodate it all. Realistically, most of us have neither the financial resources nor the area for such grandeur. Nevertheless, creating a fitness corner at home can be achieved on a budget and may only require as much space as an exercise mat.

You still have time to include some last-minute gift ideas on your Christmas wishlist, so request vouchers that can be used towards purchasing essential fitness gear. Even better, wait for the January sales and seize a good deal, in addition to utilizing this mirafit discount code.

Essential items to include in your initial home gym wishlist:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistant bands
  • Non-slip exercise mat
  • Foam roller
  • Skipping rope

All these items can be acquired affordably and stored conveniently when not in use. This enables you to effortlessly work out in your living room, a corner of your bedroom, the garage, or in case space is limited, you could even take them to a local park and exercise outdoors.

2. Invest in Multi-Purpose Gear

If you are already a dedicated gym enthusiast but seek ways to save money in the long run, consider investing in a few essential pieces of equipment for home use. While the initial investment may be higher, over time you will cut costs by eliminating membership fees and travel expenses to the gym.

When looking to purchase some durable pieces, the most economical approach is to choose fitness equipment that serves multiple functions. Instead of buying individual equipment like an ab curler that is limited to abs exercises and occupies substantial space, opt for an exercise ball. It can be deflated between uses if space is limited and can cater to a variety of exercises, such as press-ups, glute bridges, sit-ups, knee tucks, handoffs, and many other body strength exercises.

3. Set Clear Objectives

To stick to your New Year resolutions, it is crucial to define specific goals. If your aim is to save money and enhance fitness in 2023, you need to outline your objectives, intentions, and the strategies to accomplish them.

Setting realistic goals is imperative. While it may be appealing to aim for accomplishing 200 push-ups after a week of training and saving a significant amount by cutting out takeout meals, the reality is far more complex. Setting excessively challenging goals increases the likelihood of abandoning them. Opt for achievable goals that also push your limits slightly. The key here is to understand your boundaries.

4. Partner Up

If you are genuinely committed to saving money and improving fitness in 2023, consider introducing accountability into your routine. Adhering to resolutions becomes easier when you hold yourself accountable to someone or something. For instance, if you plan to go for a run the next day, it is more convenient to change your mind and talk yourself out of it unless you had made plans to go with a friend. You might still not feel like going, but you wouldn’t want to disappoint your friend, ultimately leading you to participate, and most likely feeling much better for it too!

And that’s just one friend, imagine the accountability if you had an entire team counting on your presence. Joining a sports team offers numerous advantages. The annual subscriptions are much cheaper than a gym membership, yet deliver an equally effective workout. Furthermore, the social aspect of team camaraderie and forming new friendships greatly benefits mental health.

Inquire within local Facebook groups to explore the sporting opportunities available in your vicinity. Many clubs offer trial sessions, so why not attend to meet other team members and try out a new sport. This could mark the commencement of something fresh for you in 2023.

5. Spend Prudently

Adopting frugality doesn’t mean refraining from spending altogether, the focus should be on directing your spending towards items that yield maximum benefits.

While certain fitness products justify a slightly higher expenditure, others do not necessitate opting for the most expensive version. For instance, one brand of resistance band is unlikely to differ significantly in quality compared to another brand; in most cases, you pay more for the brand name rather than product quality. However, with certain products, particularly footwear and apparel such as running shoes and sports bras, it is advisable to allocate a slightly higher budget for enhanced comfort and support.

It is beneficial to compile a list of desired items and outline your budget. Upon determining the budget allocation, ensure to apportion more funds towards frequently used items and those offering substantial benefits.

6. Virtual Workouts

If your aim is to save money and get fit in 2023, why not engage in cost-free workouts? Despite what gym advertisements and fitness brands might suggest, exercising does not have to entail additional expenses.

A plethora of workout routines are accessible on YouTube, and most of them are free. Although there are subscription-based channels that require payment, opting for free workouts with occasional advertisements can be a viable alternative. Moreover, don’t overlook activities like walking, running, and dancing – all of which are cost-free. If that doesn’t serve as motivation, then what will!

7. Fitness Applications

In addition to online workout videos, there is a plethora of excellent fitness apps available for download. These apps range from workout guides and dietary plans to trackers allowing you to pre-plan runs and cycling routes, recording your statistics in the process. This aids in tracking your progress and showcasing potential areas for improvement.

Assess your proximity to reaching your fitness objective.

During this period, Google Play and App Store curate a selection of top recommendations for January on their storefront, recognizing these as trending searches in January when individuals are endeavoring to adhere to their New Year resolutions. This presents a great opportunity for you to access the finest applications to support your individual aspirations, so be sure to watch out for it during your next visit.

8. Step Outdoors

Despite the cold, damp, and potentially snowy conditions, layer up, put on waterproof gear, and sturdy footwear to venture outside. There is a vast world awaiting exploration out there, and the best part is, it’s cost-free!

Engaging in outdoor activities has been shown to offer numerous health advantages. From wild swimming and mountain trekking to open-air fitness stations and trail running, outdoor pursuits enhance our endorphins, help alleviate the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), boost circulation, increase Vitamin D levels, and reduce blood pressure. Embrace the elements and unleash your adventurous spirit to enjoy the advantages of everything nature’s playground has to present.

9. Explore Your Work Benefits

The pandemic underscored the significance of striking a balance between work and life. When we transitioned to remote work, many of us welcomed the opportunity to work comfortably from home, eliminate the daily commute, and have more flexible working hours. Nonetheless, the downside was the challenge in separating work life from personal life. We struggled to disconnect from work, refrain from constantly checking emails, and gradually reduced our breaks throughout the day. Consequently, our mental well-being suffered, prompting companies to support employees now that most have returned to the office.

One approach that companies are taking to enhance employee well-being is by providing various work perks. These perks may include items like health coverage, volunteering opportunities, walk-to-work schemes, and gym subscriptions. If you are uncertain about the perks offered by your company, communicate with your HR department to clarify any benefits you may not be aware of.

Some companies might have agreements with major gym chains that offer discounted memberships to employees. Additionally, other health and wellness services may be accessible to employees of the company. It doesn’t hurt to inquire, and if there are currently no work perks available, there’s no harm in requesting some.

10. Enroll in an Independent Gym

If after considering all this, you are still inclined to join a gym, contemplate joining a smaller independent facility rather than a prominent chain, as this could result in cost savings. Major gym franchises often bind you to fixed agreements with non-negotiable rates determined by the corporate headquarters. Conversely, independent gyms tend to be more open to negotiating fees and often maintain slightly lower membership costs to compete with larger chains. Moreover, supporting small businesses is always a good practice, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

At a time when many struggle to afford heating their homes, the notion of investing in fitness might seem absurd. However, it’s crucial to remember that our physical and mental health are vital. Therefore, if there are opportunities to save money while staying fit in 2023, it’s imperative to do so. Prioritizing self-care now will lead to savings in the future, underscoring the importance of seeking ways to stay active and healthy in our daily routines.

We trust we have motivated and enlightened you about the possibilities of working out on a budget or even exercising for free. Now, the only remaining step is to go out there and take action. The choice is yours!

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