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What Exactly is Well-being?

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Striving for a goal is more challenging when its definition is unclear.

The term “Well-being” has been prominently discussed for the past ten years or so, and as a frequent visitor to this website, you must be aware of this fact since we have a dedicated section on it. However, what some individuals may not realize is that well-being is not the same as happiness or physical fitness. There may be some common elements, but unlike your mental or physical condition, being well is something you have more conscious control over.

As per the official description provided by the Global Wellness Institute, well-being is “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that result in a state of complete health.” Furthermore, holistic health involves managing oneself through non-medical methods. Holistic health is often wrongly associated with various dubious miracle treatments found online. You won’t achieve optimal health overnight by, let’s say, using magnetic therapy. To put it simply: when facing a medical issue, you consult a doctor; for emotional concerns, you visit a therapist. If the problem does not fit into either of these categories, then holistic health practices can be explored.

Attribution: University of Michigan

Holistic health, and consequently well-being, involves practicing small habits to maintain balance before resorting to professional help. This includes minor adjustments to your diet and surroundings, reinforcing positive beliefs, and establishing a reliable support system. These are simple responses to common challenges encountered in daily life. Just like patching up a hole in your pants instead of steeling them up if you get my drift.

Chances are, you’re incorporating well-being routines into your daily life without even realizing it. For instance, if you eat something that upsets your stomach and decide not to eat it again, that’s a step towards well-being. Small solutions for small challenges.

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