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What to Consume Following a Tooth Extraction?

Credit: Unsplash
Enjoy Jell-O, as you will be indulging in it frequently.

Recently, one of my wisdom teeth was removed. This was my inaugural experience with such a procedure, and the surgery itself was not as dreadful as anticipated. However, the aftermath demanded meticulous attention towards maintaining oral hygiene and safety during the recovery process. Fortunately, unlike certain other procedures, you can still consume food after having a tooth extracted. Unfortunately, the available food options post-extraction are quite limited.

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When selecting foods to consume after the extraction, the key is “soft.” Opt for items that require minimal to no chewing. Even if you had a single tooth extracted from one side of your mouth, it is advisable to minimize chewing to avoid irritating the extraction site or risking the displacement of stitches. Hence, commonly recommended items post-extraction include Jell-O, pudding, bone broths, and smoothies.

Bone broths and smoothies are particularly recommended as they are both satiating and nutritious, though they do pose certain risks. Ensure that bone broths are devoid of any spicy elements like hot pepper flakes, as such foods can cause significant irritation at the extraction site. Smoothies should be blended thoroughly and avoid incorporating fruits with tiny seeds like strawberries since such particles could potentially impede proper healing by lodging in the extraction site.

Credit: Unsplash

It is advisable to adhere to a diet comprising soft and liquid foods for at least a couple of days post-extraction. Subsequently, it should be safe to gradually reintroduce solid foods; however, it is recommended to avoid chewing on the side where the tooth was extracted. Antibiotics are likely to be prescribed to prevent infection, providing another reason to opt for yogurt-infused smoothies; antibiotics may deplete beneficial bacteria, whereas probiotics can help restore the microbial balance. It’s a beneficial approach.

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