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When is it Appropriate to Shorten a Workout Session?

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When does stress become a risk?

There is a rationale behind the saying “no pain, no gain” in the realm of fitness. Exercising, even when performed correctly, can lead to a significant amount of discomfort. This is necessary to build and strengthen muscles. While experiencing a certain level of pain and fatigue is normal during a workout session, it should adhere to specific patterns. For instance, running may cause leg soreness, while lifting weights may lead to sore arms. If you start feeling pain that deviates from these norms, it might be wise to terminate your workout and allow your body to rest.

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When fatigued, deeper, slightly labored breathing is expected. However, actual shortness of breath is not normal. Even if your breathing is affected, you can usually recover by taking a moment to rest. Persistent shortness of breath post-exercise could indicate a respiratory issue. Be cautious of tightness in your chest, which may signal problems in the lungs and heart.

Furthermore, if you have recently recuperated from an illness, avoid pushing yourself too hard. Even if you are no longer visibly ill, your body may still be focused on recovery, and straining yourself physically could impede this process.

Credit: Unsplash

While rare, sudden, sharp pains in specific areas being exercised should be closely monitored. Such pain could indicate a pulled or strained muscle, and continuing with the workout may lead to severe injury. Remember, prioritizing your health by stopping a workout prematurely does not signify quitting.

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