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When It’s Necessary to Go, It’s Necessary to Go

Credit: Unsplash
When the call of nature beckons, it’s essential to heed.

We’ve all experienced those moments when we’re engrossed in a TV show, chatting on the phone, or engaged in some other activity, and suddenly, we feel those familiar internal signals. It can be inconvenient to pause your current task and visit the restroom (sometimes quite urgently), so the temptation may arise to try and hold it in while carrying on with what you’re doing. While occasional instances of this may be acceptable, making it a habit is definitely not advisable.

Whether it’s a need for a quick bathroom break or a more pressing matter, it’s crucial to address the situation promptly upon feeling the urge, not only for the sake of immediate relief but also for your overall well-being. Suppressing your bodily functions can have detrimental effects on your health.

For instance, frequent efforts to delay bowel movements can lead to constipation. The longer waste remains in your intestines, the more fluid it absorbs from your body. If it absorbs too much fluid, it can solidify and become difficult to pass. Apart from the general discomfort, severe cases might result in painful fissures.

Credit: Unsplash

Delaying urination poses even greater risks. Urine helps flush out bacteria from your urinary tract, so if you hold it for extended periods, bacteria can proliferate, potentially leading to a urinary tract infection. Prolonged retention of urine also strains your urinary tract and kidneys, increasing the risk of incontinence and kidney issues later in life.

Therefore, no matter how occupied you are, if you feel the urge to relieve yourself, it’s best to attend to it promptly. You’ll thank yourself in multiple ways for doing so.

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