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When the Alarm Sounds, it’s Time to Rise and Shine

Credit: Unsplash
Do not even contemplate hitting that snooze button.

I take a small sense of satisfaction in knowing that throughout my 28 years of existence, I have only succumbed to the temptation of pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock a mere two times. It’s a privilege of being a morning person; I wake up promptly upon the first alarm. That being said, I am aware that for many individuals, getting out of bed in the morning is a daily struggle, with the allure of the snooze button often proving too strong to resist. If you find it challenging to rise in the morning, it might be time to explore some innovative strategies.

One effective approach is to place your alarm clock out of arm’s reach from your bed whenever feasible. If you can turn it off without even fully waking up, then the purpose is defeated. Position it on the opposite side of the room, on a countertop or dresser. This way, when it begins ringing, you’ll be compelled to leave your cozy bed to switch it off.

Alternatively, consider experimenting with different types of alarm clocks. If conventional loud noises fail to awaken you (I once knew someone who used heavy metal music as an alarm, so I understand there are varying preferences), try a clock that incorporates light or movement. Some innovative clocks come with vibration pads that can be placed under your mattress to shake you awake, or annoying flashing lights. I once came across an alarm clock that launched a small helicopter drone upon activation, and the only way to silence it was to shoot it down with a light gun.

Credit: Unsplash

If you find yourself unable to get out of bed, it may be that the issue lies more in your sleep patterns than in your alarm clock. Consider going to sleep earlier than usual to ensure your body receives the additional rest it requires.

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