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Which Plant Milk is the Ultimate Champion?

Credit: Unsplash
When it’s not coming from a cow, where does it come from?

A recollection from my childhood involves an animated figure trying to create cheese from all his possessions except dairy milk. This concept seemed absurd back then, but now almost every plant variety offers milk alternatives. Milk derived from fruits, nuts, and flowers is abundant, indicating the simplicity of producing non-dairy milk. Surprisingly, the choices are vast, leading to the question of which plant-based milk reigns supreme without intending a pun. Let’s evaluate some popular contenders.

Almond milk stands out as a prevalent option in today’s age. Enjoying a cup of almond milk with morning waffles is a delight, despite its slightly thick consistency. Resembling its source, almond milk is rich in omega-3 and vitamin E naturally. It’s versatile, offering various flavors, which is a bonus. However, the process of almond conversion to milk often diminishes its original nutritional content. For instance, almond milk lacks protein and the calcium characteristic of dairy milk.

Soy milk is another favored choice, particularly among the vegan community. As soy is a complete plant protein, soy milk provides ten essential amino acids. Soy processing is comparably easier than other plants, making it a budget-friendly alternative. Nonetheless, many first-time tasters find soy milk’s taste off-putting. Some can overlook it, while for others, it’s a dealbreaker.

Among all plant-based milk options, oat milk stands out as an appealing choice. This variant is a nutrient treasure trove, offering protein, fiber, several crucial vitamins, and even calcium, although in lower quantities than regular milk. Oat milk is not only a flavorful delight on its own but also an excellent thickening agent in cooking. Unless its thickness doesn’t suit your preference, oat milk presents minimal downsides.

Ultimately, your choice should reflect personal taste and dietary needs. If affordability and suitability align, oat milk might be the preferred option. Nevertheless, a bit of experimentation is advisable to avoid morning lactose intolerance woes.

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