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Why Soft Diapers Matter for Newborns

Do you know that a newborn’s skin is extra fragile and sensitive and has a different PH level than what an adult has?

A Newborn’s Skin

Nothing feels quite as soft and delicate as your baby’s skin. But their seemingly perfect skin is far from actually being perfect. Babies’ skin needs around 2 years to fully develop as a protective barrier. Until then, their skin is highly sensitive and prone to irritation especially when it comes to contact with chemicals and other irritants in their environment.

Diapers, the need for them seems to be never-ending, and for good reason. If you are either a new or expecting parent, you will understand the importance of giving your newborn the right and appropriate diapers to wear. Newborns go through a copious amount of diapers, and it is for this reason that providing your ray of sunshine with top quality is essential.

The consequences of giving newborns uncomfortable diapers are two-fold, yet still important: skin ailments and discomfort, and we all know what an uncomfortable newborn sounds like! Unlike many diapers on the market, these Bouncy Soft diapers provide the comfort that any newborn needs.

Choose the right diapers

Bouncy Soft diapers are created to ensure that your precious newborn is less likely to suffer from skin irritation due to friction.

They factor in breathability, along with its softness, because when there is more humidity, there is more friction which causes a more adverse environment for your baby the longer the diaper is left unchanged.

Newborns’ skin is much thinner than ours, which is why Bouncy Soft diapers create a comfortable experience for newborns by helping their skin stay soft and smooth. They have zero additives and zero chemicals, so you can rest assured that your baby experiences a safe diaper every day.

Protecting your little one’s skin as the weather gets colder

With the winter season fast approaching, the cold temperatures, lower moisture and harsh winds can leave your poor baby’s skin dry, chapped and windburned as their skin is less able to retain moisture.

Any proper diaper for your newborn should be accompanied by an equally soft and effective baby wipe for cleaning between nappy changes. With all-natural coconut essential oil extract, BabyCozy Coconut Nourish wipes to ensure that your newborn’s skin is nourished as it’s cleaned between each diaper change.

Coconut Nourish wipes help prevent diaper rash and contain antioxidants that stop cell damage from taking place. With a mixture of Witch Hazel extract, Vitamin E, and Chamomile extract, your baby’s skin will feel nourished and taken care of. They are 100% biodegradable and made of 100% natural plant fiber-it’s a complete win-win situation!

BabyCozy is offering a 40% discount on Bouncy Soft diapers between 7 November 2022 and 4 December 2022. Along with this deal, there is a 30% discount offer between 26 October 2022 and 30 November 2022 on Coconut Nourish Wipes.

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