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Your Mobile Device Could Pose a Significant Risk at the Gym

According to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Stone, various factors contribute to the injuries his patients sustain, such as last-minute pickleball movements and ill-advised ski maneuvers. However, a common thread often emerges: attentiveness, or the lack thereof.

Dr. Stone emphasizes that “mental errors are frequently the primary cause of sports injuries.” He notes that athletes may falter when their mental focus wavers.

Essentially, Dr. Stone advises individuals to concentrate on their body movements while engaging in physical activities. One effective method, he suggests, is to “reduce distractions.” This entails refraining from multitasking, like checking your phone or bringing your pet to the pickleball court.

“Maintaining focus during physical exertion can decrease the risk of injuries,” Dr. Stone affirms.

However, avoiding sprains and strains is not the sole reason for avoiding social media scrolling during your next cardiovascular workout. Concentrating on the specific movements you likely to enhance your exercise regimen.

Dr. Stone states, “Improving your fitness requires monitoring your heart rate, sweat levels, endurance, and striving to surpass your limits each time. Engaging in activities such as watching TV or reading detracts from understanding your body’s signals.”

While research indicates that watching television during exercise can heighten sedentary individuals’ enjoyment of physical activity, this diversion may diminish the workout’s efficacy. Dr. Stone argues that this approach may not be the most prudent strategy for cultivating long-term contentment from fitness activities.

Dr. Stone advocates finding pleasure in physical activity. As indicated in his book Play Forever: How to Recover From Injury and Thrive, Dr. Stone recommends approaching exercise as “playtime” rather than mere “working out” to foster a lasting affinity for movement that enhances overall health and happiness. Distracting yourself with your phone or other media can detract from harboring the present moment’s joyous sensations felt during running, weightlifting, scoring, and playing.

“The more you embrace this mindset, the more inclined you’ll be to sustain it for a lifetime,” Dr. Stone concludes.

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