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Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Joy!

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Indeed, this is an actual event.

If you happen to scroll your way through Twitter frequently, you might have observed that almost every day lately seems to be designated with its specific theme. Whether it’s national pancake day, national donut day, or outfit of the day day; it all seems to be a bit excessive. Amidst all these various days, it’s essential to remind ourselves that some of these national days and months have actually been established for a considerable period. Take, for example, National Nutrition Month, which has been acknowledged since 1973 (originally known as “national nutrition week”). In honor of National Nutrition Month, here’s some fundamental advice on maintaining a balanced diet.

Photo credit goes to The Independent
  1. Diversify Your Nutrition: Include a variety of foods in your daily meals, focusing on items that are beneficial for your health. If you find yourself growing weary of a particular vegetable (as I have with cauliflower lately, for instance), the solution isn’t to abandon vegetables altogether, but rather to explore new options! Experiment with different types of vegetables, and combine them with other food groups to fulfill all your nutritional needs.
  2. Culinary Skills: Embrace cooking as it plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy diet, a statement I can confidently make. Frozen meals from the store often lack essential nutrients compared to fresh produce, not to mention that pre-packaged items tend to be pricier than purchasing raw ingredients in bulk. Procure only what you need for small portions and make additional trips to the store throughout the week for replenishment.
  3. Savor Your Meals: There’s a saying that suggests it’s easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you view food merely as a functional, fleeting experience. In simpler terms, consuming meals solely for energy and nutrients without considering taste. Frankly, that notion is nonsensical. While it’s true that you might enhance your nutritional intake by disregarding taste, is that truly the way you want to live? Aim to discover foods that bring you joy while still meeting your nutritional requirements, and remember to relish every mouthful.

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