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    Managing Caloric Intake Under 1200 without Struggling with Hunger

    As an individual embarking on a weight loss journey, one of the most challenging aspects has been maintaining a diet below 1200 calories without feeling famished. Many of us face difficulties in controlling our caloric intake below 1200 without experiencing hunger pangs.

     Most individuals who have successfully shed weight would concur that reduced-calorie diets are not effective. When a person decreases their caloric intake below a certain threshold, they might initially lose weight for a few days, but then experience a plateau. The body’s metabolism slows down to adapt to the reduced calorie intake, leading to energy conservation. Consequently, weight loss stalls after a few days, resulting in feelings of weakness, irritability, and abandonment of the diet. Once the individual returns to their normal eating habits, the weight shoots back up!

    Especially for women consuming over 1200 calories daily without significant physical activity, weight loss might prove elusive. Thus, it is crucial to strike a balance, neither overeating nor undereating. The target set at 1200 calories fits well for most individuals.

    Here’s How to Restrict Caloric Intake Under 1200 without Feeling Deprived

    1. Embrace Intermittent Fasting to Limit Caloric Intake below 1200

    Known as IF, this is a straightforward method to stay under 1200 calories. With this approach, meals are consumed within a designated window of 8-10 hours, while fasting for the remaining hours. I have personally employed this method by having an early dinner and delaying breakfast. Ending dinner by 8 PM and having the next meal at 1 PM. For breakfast, I settled for a cup of BPC (bulletproof coffee).

    2. Regulate Fat Portions

    Fats are calorie-dense, with just one tablespoon of ghee packing around 100 calories. It’s easy to exceed your daily caloric limit with fats. The same holds true for nuts. A small handful of nuts can quickly push your calorie intake beyond 1200.

    3. Moderate Sweet Consumption

    Sweets pose a greater risk. A single scoop of ice cream can contain 400-500 calories, a third of your daily caloric limit. The same applies to traditional sweets. Calories from fats are preferable to those from sweets. You can read more on why not all calories are equal here.

    4. Start with Water When Hungry

    Quite often, the sensation of hunger is actually thirst. When you feel hungry, have a glass of water and wait a while. If you’re still hungry, then eat.

    5. Include More High-Fiber Foods

    Fiber-rich foods provide satiety without many calories. Try having a glass of water after a salad bowl; you are likely to feel full. Enhancing your meals with fiber, through salads, seeds, green veggies, and whole grains like brown rice, is a solid idea.

    By following the aforementioned tips, you can easily plan three main meals with three snacks while staying under 1200 calories. These suggestions are beginner-friendly. Give them a try and share your experience with us!


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