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Consume These Food Items for Increased B12 Intake

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Enhance Brain Activity with These Foods

Amidst the dominance of caffeine in the energy market, one must not overlook the natural solutions available for combating lethargy through organic means. Have you ensured an adequate intake of vitamin B12 in your dietary regimen? Vitamin B12 holds significant importance as the human body lacks the ability to produce it internally. Despite its role in DNA synthesis and the stimulation of the nervous system and red blood cells, the body cannot generate B12 on its own. Therefore, it becomes imperative to acquire B12 from external sources, a fact that some individuals tend to neglect. Insufficient B12 consumption may lead to conditions of low energy, manifesting as fatigue, numbness, and muscle weakness. In severe cases, it can even result in the development of anemia, a condition no one desires. Fortunately, B12 is abundant in a variety of delectable foods that are likely already part of your diet.


Delight in the goodness of this fishy powerhouse. A single serving of sockeye salmon can provide you with 200% of your recommended daily B12 intake. If that seems overwhelming, you can also obtain B12 from alternate fish options such as tuna, sardines, and trout. However, why opt for those when you can savor a classic bagel with lox?


Cheese holds a ubiquitous presence across a myriad of dishes. Merely an ounce of Swiss cheese can supply you with 38% of your daily B12 requirement. Treat yourself to a grilled cheese sandwich – it’s always a comforting choice. I prefer mine with a dollop of mustard.


The consumption of dairy milk might spark debates today, yet its nutritional value remains undisputed. A single glass of dairy milk furnishes half of your daily B12 requirement. Recall the frequent milk-drinking habits from your childhood.

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Let’s talk about eggs. Specifically, the yolk portion is what you need to focus on. Two ample egg yolks deliver approximately 40% of your daily B12 requirements. Hard-boiled eggs are an ideal quick snack, and you can prepare a bunch well in advance.

Nutritional Yeast

Enter the scene – nutritional yeast, catering to the vegan community that abstains from meat and dairy. Although there isn’t a fixed B12 content in nutritional yeast per se, most brands fortify it with essential vitamins. Remember to verify the nutritional information!

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