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Diet Plan and Fitness Regimen of Cinema Star Kangana Ranaut

In this article, I’m going to discuss a notable personality who has transitioned from being ‘very thin’ to a robust, muscular physique. She openly acknowledges the effort she has put into achieving this transformation. Yes, I am referring to this while reflecting on the movie Dhakad. From being a glamorous, temperamental supermodel in Fashion to portraying a character from the 70s in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, to embodying the stunning, rebellious nature in Tanu Weds Manu, and the powerful character in ‘Krissh 3’. Although personally, my favorite remains ‘Manikarnika’.

Today’s well-known figure is the extremely stylish Kangna Ranaut. Let’s delve into Kangana Ranaut’s Fitness Principles and Dietary Practices.

Were you aware that she was involved in theater before stepping into Bollywood?

Ms. Ranaut gained substantial attention in Bollywood post her captivating roles in movies like Tanu Weds Manu and Fashion.

There have been speculations regarding potential cosmetic enhancements to improve her physique, but she refutes these claims, asserting her stance against surgical procedures. She emphasizes dedicating herself to natural methods and a rigorous diet and workout routine.

She mentions the struggle she faced in her teenage years to gain weight in desired areas. Initially, consuming a high-fat diet resulted in undesired fat accumulation around her abdomen. However, she transitioned to a healthier eating pattern and incorporated cardiovascular and weight training to attain her desired physique.

Kangana Ranaut’s Implemented Diet and Fitness Techniques

“Kangna possesses an ectomorphic physique.”

Ectomorph: Characterized by long and slender muscles/limbs with minimal fat accumulation; often described as lean. Ectomorphs tend to have difficulty storing fat or building muscle mass.

Kangana’s Workout Regimen

She strives through diverse workout routines tailored to suit the demands of her film roles. For more femininity in appearance, she includes extensive cardio and dance workouts to tone her body. In contrast, when portraying tough characters, she engages in rigorous weight training, circuit workouts, weights, pushups, hill climbs, and kickboxing for a resilient look. She devotes 1 to 2 hours of gym sessions whenever her schedule permits.

DAY 1:

• German set — 10 sets, 10 reps
• Squats, push ups, pull ups
• 20-minute fartlek running

DAY 2:
• Kick Boxing — 45 mins
• Full body stretching followed by a 20-minute hill training on elliptical

DAY 3:
• Complete rest. Aids in muscle recovery.

DAY 4:
• Athletic sprint/speed workout — 30 minutes of sprinting drills and hurdle training
• 20 minutes of ab workout, external obliques, and lower back exercises

DAY 5:
• Power yoga — 45 mins. Improving posture and balance.
• Meditation — 10 mins.

DAY 6:
• PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training for enhancing muscular endurance and stamina buildup or ‘turbulence training’ (to tone up and gain muscle or lose fat through endurance).

Close stance squats
Position legs at shoulder width.
Proceed to bend your knees until thighs are parallel to the ground

Static lunges
Start with feet together.
Extend right leg forward as far as possible.
Gently lower and bend both knees to 90-degree angles.
Maintain for a count of five and return to initial position gradually.

Stiff dead leg lifts
Maintain wide feet stance with an upright posture.
Bend from the waist, slightly flexing knees.
Contract butt and hamstring muscles and ascend until weights reach mid-thigh.
Hold for five counts before fully rising.


This includes aerobic step exercises.

Kanagana’s Eating Plan

In the past, when slender individuals discussed gaining weight, I used to ponder how simple it must be. Just go out and indulge in whatever you desire. Is it not a simple task? Realistically, despite consuming large quantities of pizza/burgers, they remain unchanged. It has now become clear how diet and physical activity are interlinked. Look at Kangana’s diet, which consists of regular carbohydrates and proteins. Let’s delve into it.

Breakfast: Porridge, cereals, and an omelet made of egg whites

Snacks: Fruits and a protein shake

Lunch: Steamed vegetables, salad, grilled chicken, flatbreads, lentils, and rice

Evening Snacks : Brown bread with an egg white sandwich

Dinner: Steamed vegetables or salad with baked or grilled chicken/ boiled lentils

Kangana’s nutritionist emphasizes, “Proteins necessitate accompanying carbohydrates for absorption. Thus, her diet is structured to ensure an adequate carb intake,” emphasizing, “Moreover, as she aimed to build muscle mass, a substantial diet with moderation in fats was imperative. Extreme dieting was strictly avoided.”

Kangana’s Statistics:

Height: 5 ft 7 inches or 173 cm

Weight: 55 kg or 117 pounds
Measurements: 32-23-35

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