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Discover the Risk Factors of Utilizing Microwave Ovens

Uncover the health hazards associated with microwave ovens

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One kitchen gadget that graces every Indian household is the microwave oven. It is convenient and speeds up the process of reheating leftovers. From warming milk to preparing instant noodles, the microwave is an integral part of the daily routine of an average busy Indian, making life challenging without it! It seamlessly fits into your fast-paced lifestyle. Even the simplest corner bakery today owns one to warm up its pastries, snacks, and samosas. Where there’s food, there’s a microwave oven! But, is it beneficial for your health? Let’s dive into the discussion on health hazards of using microwave ovens.

It’s crucial to understand that beneath all this convenience lies some concealed realities. Researchers have established that microwaving food results in the depletion of nutrients and the decline of the food’s nutritional quality. The intense radiation used during cooking or heating leads to the alteration of food molecules, generating harmful radioactive substances in the process.

Functioning of microwave ovens

Conveniently heating up food in a minute is as easy as pushing the start button. Yet, let’s delve deeper into what unfolds after initiating the microwave oven. Upon pressing the button, energetic waves start circulating within the microwave oven. These waves release electromagnetic radiation vibrating at 2.5 GigaHertz per minute. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted consistently and is known to possess carcinogenic properties, in simpler terms, it is cancer-inducing.

Health risks implicated

Studies have been conducted revealing that microwave ovens compromise an individual’s immune system and as mentioned earlier, they can lead to cancer. Additionally, the nutritional quality of food deteriorates. For some individuals, there may be a rise in blood glucose levels. Read more about it here..

The following are some of the Health Risks of Using Microwave Ovens,

1) Sleeplessness

Microwaved meals can have detrimental effects on the brain, disturbing your sleep patterns and potentially causing insomnia, a common modern-day health issue.

2) Cancer

Non-ionizing radiation emitted by microwave ovens is carcinogenic. There’s hardly anything more fatal than this.

Another significant issue is the loss of nutrients in food cooked or reheated in the microwave, implying that the actual nutritional value doesn’t reach you! Hence, there’s no point in meticulously preparing a meal.

You can continue to utilize microwave ovens…

Health Risks Of Using Microwave Ovens

This article doesn’t advise against using a microwave. The key is to use it responsibly. Ensure it’s in good condition and cook/reheat food in microwave-safe containers. Here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid using the microwave for heating or cooking foods intended for children.
  • Cook vegetables in the microwave rather than heating up snacks and processed meats.
  • Avoid heating water or any other liquid in the microwave.

Therefore, limit your usage and strive to use it appropriately!

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