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Efforts to Enhance Joy in Your Life

Credit: Brad Aronson
Hope you have a pleasant day.

Being happy seems to come effortlessly to some individuals, and goodness gracious, I yearn to be one of them. If you frequently find your day marred by negativity, it might not solely be due to unfortunate circumstances. Joy is a mindset, one that requires effort. It may not be particularly entertaining work, but during tough times, you’ll appreciate your ability to, well, appreciate.

Primarily, endeavor to fret less about the future. I understand, the future can be daunting, oh my goodness, do I understand. However, aimlessly worrying will not lead you anywhere. Concentrate on the present moment. Do you have shelter above your head, food to eat, and a means to provide for both? If so, you’re doing well. If you find it challenging to convince yourself, take action. Compile a list of potential challenges you anticipate, and then devise logical solutions for each one. It’s probable that most of those scenarios won’t materialize, but it’s empowering to be one step ahead in life.

Credit: Soothing Relaxation via YouTube

Secondly, try to detach yourself slightly from the external world. This involves reducing your time on social media. I don’t engage in social media as extensively as some acquaintances, and consequently, I’ve developed a strong resistance to FOMO (fear of missing out). Enjoyment will naturally come your way, so unless you’re engaged in a conversation or activity, there’s likely a more fruitful use of your time than idling by your phone awaiting notifications.

In terms of technology, the most contemporary suggestion I can provide is recognizing the appropriate moment to disconnect from the news cycle. While I advocate for staying informed, immersing oneself in the realms of politics, business, and showbiz around the clock is utterly draining. I’ve made it a practice to refrain from checking the news post 5:00 PM. Whatever the world has to convey can wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, engage in introspection. Consider starting a journal to document your contemplations and emotions, or spend quality time with friends. Minimize exposure to worldwide happenings and gain a fresh outlook on your own existence.

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