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Embrace the Abundance of Vitamin C

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First Defense Against Illness.

Beneath the sink in my bathroom, I always keep a large container of vitamin C chewables. At the onset of a possible cold, I consume two to fortify my immune system. Indeed, vitamin C serves as your primary shield against colds and infections, and every diet should include a consistent dose of it.

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One of Vitamin C’s most recognizable advantages for the human body is its enhancement of white blood cell production, which actively seeks out and eliminates foreign substances such as germs and viruses. Besides boosting production, Vitamin C also enhances the potency of white blood cells and equips them with additional defenses against harmful molecules.

Did you realize that beyond immunity enhancement, a regular intake of Vitamin C offers numerous other perks? For instance, Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant, aiding in the regulation of iron levels and blood pressure. It facilitates iron absorption from food in the blood, especially from unconventional iron sources like plants. This is why Vitamin C is essential for vegans who source all their iron from plants. Vitamin C is also known to reduce blood pressure, subsequently lowering the risk of heart disease. There are even assertions that Vitamin C can aid in maintaining memory in old age and preventing dementia, although this claim remains inconclusive.

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Arguably, one of the greatest perks of Vitamin C is its effortless accessibility. Simply consume some fruit! Most fruits, particularly citrus varieties like oranges, are rich in Vitamin C. If fruits are not preferred, over-the-counter Vitamin C supplements are both affordable and widely accessible (besides, they generally taste pleasant). Excessive Vitamin C intake poses no severe risks, although overconsumption might result in headaches or nausea. Two chews per day are ample.

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