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Why not visit the lobby and indulge in some protein?

I truly adore protein. I acknowledge the moral dilemmas associated with it, but come on, protein is truly delightful, and when prepared and served correctly, it can be beneficial for your well-being! Some individuals argue that consuming only protein may lead to health issues, and indeed, if you exclusively consume protein for every meal for the remainder of your life, you’ll probably experience some health problems. However, incorporating a reasonable portion of your preferred protein into your daily diet provides you with a plethora of vital vitamins and minerals.

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Beef undeniably reigns as the most favored protein in the United States, and rightfully so, because it’s extraordinary. I have a fondness for lean beef cuts that are meticulously prepared. You have to sample my grandmother’s brisket, it’s truly exceptional. Besides its delectable taste, beef also serves as a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B6, iron, and other essential vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy bloodstream. Consuming lean beef aids in physical activity and reduces the risk of anemia.

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If beef isn’t your preference, there’s always chicken, commonly known as the white protein. People often mention “the other white protein,” but seldom recognize the original one. Chicken boasts a lower fat content compared to beef, rendering it naturally lean, making it suitable for dietary purposes. Chicken is also packed with calcium, which aids in strengthening bones and teeth. And remember why your mother used to serve you chicken soup when you were unwell? It’s due to the protein in chicken containing amino acids that fortify your immune system.

Without a doubt, there’s nothing quite like a premium portion of protein to anchor a delectable, nourishing meal. And if you’re not fond of protein, that’s completely fine too! Food is meant to be relished, and each person appreciates food in their own unique manner.

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