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Giving Proper Attention to Your Skin

Credit: Unsplash

Remember, you have only one. 

Let’s test your knowledge: what is the largest organ in your body? If your answer was “stomach,” then you are incorrect and misguided. The correct answer is your skin. Equipped with a network of pores and nerve endings, the skin acts as the primary barrier against physical harm. However, just like any other organ in your body, it requires attention and care. Keep some key points in mind when tending to your skin. 

To begin, pay attention to your diet. Certain foods, regardless of any allergic reactions, can disrupt the production of oils in your pores or heighten the likelihood of skin ailments. For healthy skin, incorporate foods such as tomatoes, olive oil, green tea, and kale into your diet. Essentially, I’m suggesting that you consume salads. 

If you observe acne flare-ups during stressful periods, it’s not coincidental. Elevated stress levels can significantly impact your skin, leading to issues like acne, irritations, and dry patches. Although reducing stress is easier said than done, any effort you make to unwind will likely benefit your skin. However, abstain from drinking or smoking as they will only exacerbate skin problems. 

Maintain your skin’s hydration and moisture levels. Healthy, moist skin adheres better and offers improved protection against external pollutants. Opt for quick and gentle showers, avoiding excessive scrubbing to prevent skin irritation. After drying off, apply a moisturizing lotion or balm promptly to effectively lock in moisture. Additionally, refrain from scratching, rubbing, or picking at your skin to avoid flaking. 

Lastly, ensure you get a full night’s rest each night. Inadequate sleep often results in premature skin aging and diminished skin healing capabilities. During deep slumber, your body initiates repair processes to address any damage incurred throughout the day, including skin damage. Aim for a solid eight hours of sleep to grant your body ample time to rejuvenate itself. 

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