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Interested in Sampling Some Algae for Your Diet?

Credit: Healthline
Give it a shot before forming an opinion.

Everybody is always in search of the next remarkable “superfood,” that unconventional plant/vegetable/fish or any other item that promises to offer every vitamin known to man and the vigor of numerous suns. Obviously, there is no single miraculous food; a well-balanced diet should always be preferred. Nonetheless, there are some unexpected foods that, when added to a diet, can deliver exceptional nourishment. Have you recently included any algae in your meals?

Spirulina is a variant of algae categorized under the “blue-green” algae family. It can be found naturally in oceans or lakes with elevated salt levels, typically in subtropical regions. Although eating pond scum might seem unusual, the scientific evidence is undeniable: this substance is brimming with nutrients. Just a tablespoon of spirulina powder contains proteins, copper, iron, and three types of B vitamins. This particular blend of nutrients makes spirulina an effective ally in managing cholesterol, hypertension, and even certain mental health conditions like ADHD and depression. While there have been rumors about its anti-cancer properties, let’s focus on the verified facts.

Credit: The Holistic Ingredient

So how can you incorporate spirulina into your diet? Spirulina is readily available commercially in powder and supplement pill forms. It can be consumed directly, although the salty, earthy taste of seaweed might not be everyone’s preference. For those who find it unpalatable, diluting it in a bottle of water or blending it into a smoothie is recommended. Mixing it with other ingredients will help mask its flavor. Many contemporary cafes include spirulina in their smoothies and even kombucha, so be sure to explore your local establishments to discover their offerings.

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