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Maintaining Control Over Snacking

Credit: Weight Watchers
Stay prepared for those snacking impulses.

The impulse to nibble is a compelling lure. It’s what led me to devour half a packet of unique sherbet-flavored Oreos back in school, and I still consider that as one of the most regrettable decisions I have ever made in my complete life. While lounging with nothing to occupy yourself, snacking becomes significantly more enticing. It’s fine, right? Grab a biscuit, you’ll burn it off later. Perhaps two cookies. Maybe three! Before you know it, you’ve consumed half the package and are left with a colossal stomach ache. Prior to reaching that point, implement strategies to regulate your snacking patterns.

Initially, endeavour to confine snack time to a specific hour of the day. Over time, your body will start longing for snacks only at that specific time. To facilitate this, prepare nutritious snacks beforehand. Sliced fruit, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese; items of that sort. Keep them ready and accessible, so you are less enticed by sugary items.

Credit: Kayla Itsines

Secondly, refrain from keeping snacks easily accessible. If you observe that you are munching more out of boredom, then having a bowl of crisps nearby is not aiding you in any way. Keep everything in the kitchen. If you genuinely desire a nibble, you will need to stand up for it.

Lastly, do not be excessively critical towards yourself. If you are encountering a particularly tough day and require a delightful mood-lifter, it is permissible to indulge in a biscuit. Sweet treats are delightful. Manage your sugar consumption responsibly, but do not make yourself miserable. There’s no harm in indulging occasionally. In moderation.

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